it’s my dick in a box

Another case of unfortunate logo design, but what exactly do you think is in the Storage Deluxe box?

self storage in a box

dick in a box

4 chords of awesome

I am the least musically inclined person you’ve ever met, but even I can understand this insanity. Mostly unknown in the US, Australian music comedy act Axis of Awesome is about to be very, very big because of this. Watch 4 Chord Song right now. I am utterly blown away.

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majorca and the volcano

For any of you that are my Facebook friends, you’ll know that I left for Majorca on Tuesday night. My plan is to stay here with friends for about a month. Mostly I’ll be still working remotely, but I’ll be taking some official leave to go to the Feria Festival in Seville from April 20 to 24th, and then maybe a short stay in Madrid. For those of you not yet jealous, I’ll offer this quick snap from the terrace this morning.

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ll now know that the volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, erupted in Iceland sending tons of ash miles into the atmosphere, effectively halting air travel in most of Europe. I missed it by 6 hours, and would have been trapped in London for who-knows-how-long as the volcano continues to erupt and winds continue to push the ash around. I got very, very lucky. Sorry to everyone who didn’t get so lucky and are stuck somewhere horrible.

Since my trip is for so long, I don’t have to worry about getting back. We do have to worry about not getting to Seville for the Feria. It is becoming increasingly likely that flights within Spain may also be disrupted. Of course, I hope not, but again, there are worse places to be stranded.

It’s all a completely different story if unless Iceland’s larger Katla volcano erupts. Last time it did, in 1918, the ash blew all the way to the US and last for about 8 months. Of course there was no commercial air traffic back then, so the only side effects were spectacular sunsets. In any case, if Katla goes, I may become a permanent resident of Majorca. And that’s not so bad.

tiger’s comeback

Look, I’m not condoning Tiger’s extra-marital activities, but the guy is a fucking brilliant golfer. He’s not a role model, but he is manufactured to be one. Advertising money fuels his reputation so don’t lose sight of the reality. He is superhuman on the golf course, and very, very human off of it.

With that said, I LOVED the new Nike spot, Earl and Tiger, which first aired during yesterday’s round 1 of the Master’s. But I love this one even more.

Popeater compiled a whole bunch of parody ads here. Enjoy.

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the birdman of lisbon

I am blown away by this semi-famous (soon to be very famous) street performer in Lisbon, Portugal, Claudio Montuori, The Birdman. Just watch this.


fuck you and your cheeseburger

Justice is served with a side of fries to Cheeseburger Josh, the fat asshole.

Fast food is still, apparently, good for something.


It seems that there is a widening gap of complete misunderstanding in this country, and maybe the world. Young vs. old, consumers vs. producers, haves vs. have-nots, conservatives vs. liberals, religious vs. secular, republican vs. democrat, catholic priests vs. 10 year old boys, etc. I don’t have the time or the energy to get into all these conflicts and misunderstandings. I’ll just try to summarize them quickly:

Old people think young people don’t care about things. They’re wrong. Young people just care about different things.

Producers think consumers will buy any old shit, including media (music, movies, books) in any new format at any new price over and over again to keep their executives in their cushy offices. They also think people are pirates and thieves. They’re wrong. Consumers know better now and just want a fair price for a reasonable thing.

The haves think they can continue to widen their distance from the have-nots, but they can’t, and that’s really scary for them. The time of the have-nots is coming and that will change everything.

Conservative and liberals have different ideologies. When you form opinions and make decisions based on ideology instead of reality, you are always wrong. You are always wrong.

Religion is just another ideology.

The republican party and democratic party are just other religions.

Catholic priests have abused young men and women for hundreds of years and church leadership has covered it up. As it turns out, those young people didn’t actually want to have sex with those old men. Also, if you believe in god, he didn’t want that either. And then their is a small matter of the law. So it looks like things are coming crumbling down and that will be a good thing.

So that brings me to this simple video about the Future of Publishing. You can’t help but be impressed by the twisting of the phrases.

Well, you’ll be less impressed when you watch this original video called the Lost Generation. It’s about a completely different subject, but from what I can tell, is the first to use this ordering trick.

Both videos inspired this post and are worth watching.

chat roulette improv

[UPDATED Mar 27, 2010 with fixed video links.]

I’m sure you’ve heard of Chat Roulette by now, but if not, it is this site where you randomly and anonymously connect to strangers for video chat. This simple concept leads primarily to perversion, but also creates an entirely new way to interact with people. For those more socially or creatively inclined, these new outlets and restrictions can lead to amazingly entertaining results. Case in point, this talented musician improving songs to what he sees when he gets connected. Simply the best use of Chat Roulette I’ve seen yet, and clearly the perfect reason to support its continued open existence. Please enjoy Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #1 and hope there are many more like it.

[UPDATED Mar 27, 2010]
Here’s a quick and funny interview with Merton by some nerd at Aol News.

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What 2 feet of snow looks like in NYC

Sorry I don’t have attribution for this photo, but I received it this morning in an email. This is what a foot and a half of snow looks like on my terrace, as taken by Jose’s Blackberry:

And this is what 2 feet of snow on the sidewalk looks like:

[thanks to cj and jose.]

Ok Go, again

Ok Go is a band that just keeps hitting video homeruns. Everything they do is stunningly original, patiently created, and wildly internet-viral-friendly. They are simply the definition of the future of music. That, by the way, has nothing to do with whether or not you like their music. Frankly, I can take or leave a lot of it, but that isn’t the point.

Here is their second video for This Too Shall Pass. The first, as you might remember, had embedding turned off because of record label licensing stupidity. (Also, it’s not available in Dubai. Retards.) This one, for whatever reason, has it turned on, so you’ll find it below. As always, this features a single looong shot requiring insane coordination and patience. Enjoy this ultimate Rube Goldberg machine.

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KE$HA + Star Wars = nerd delight

Here’s a delicious nerdy delight for this afternoon. A few filmmaking nerds made a brilliant mashup video for KE$HA’s Tik Toc using Star Wars costumes, a great sense of humor, and no shame. The result is sure to make Eddie King and Tyler Marshall internets-famous.

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The Sandpit

The Sandpit is an amazing short film of NYC created using time-lapsed, tilt-shifted photos, by filmmaker Sam O’Hare. The effect is a brilliant miniature perspective of my favorite city. It is magical to watch.

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