Altoids iPod Battery pack v3

After receiving much attention and many comments about the last version of the Altoids battery pack, decided to do something a little different for the next version. I was inspired by Griffin Technology’s TuneJuice emergency battery pack for the iPod. The elgant, little, white pack provides up to 4 hours of power to the iPod if the internal battery is fully drained, and uses only a standard 9 volt alkaline. So I though to myself, “Shit! A 9V battery can be power the iPod.” Then I thought, “Altoids makes some stuff other than Altoids, like Altoids gum!” Two great tastes that taste great together. You can see the results below: One 9V battery, one firewire connector, and one Altoids chewing gum tin = better than before. Enjoy.

So there you have it. Half the size, one 9V battery, 4 hours (?) of battery life, cheap, simple, better. Let me know what you think…

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  1. Matt said something

    What would really be cool is if you could make a battery pack out of a pack of batteries. Awesome!

  2. ed adkins said something

    DAMMIT. I wanted wintergreen- take it back to formula!

  3. Jon said something

    Now make a clock out of a potato!

  4. rossi said something

    Diclerico, like Steve Jobs, is moving downscale in his technologies

  5. christa said something

    will your nerdness never stop?

  6. Jon said something

    I hope it doesn’t… smashing job! I thought about building v2 but i never got the firewire connector… now im definetly getting off my dead ass to do it! I just hope radio-shack carries that part.

  7. Todd said something

    Plato, Socrates, Aristotle…..morons!

  8. moeyman said something

    ur my hero

  9. Ryan said something

    free gmail accounts to those who sign up!

  10. brendan said something

    great find… awesome. im inspired. going to radio shack tonight.

  11. Jason said something

    I love Fonzi.

  12. Derek said something

    Is there any other place to get a firewire port because the place you suggested charges 10.00 shipping!
    And im to cheap fot that.

  13. chris said something

    I KNOW! The shipping was expensive. I need to order some more, but I am going to order many, so the shipping doesn’t bother me that much. Unfortunately it was the ONLY place I found that had them. If anyone finds them for cheaper, please tell me me where, and I’ll pass the info along.

  14. ERiC said something

  15. ERiC said something

    I’ll make one of these for anyone for $20 that includes shipping.

  16. Dolly said something

    I’m sorry, I don’t get it. So it’s a battery charger, or what? Did these come to be simply because they’re cheaper to make than to buy?? Is it better than what I would get at a store? Will this work in the car …or is this just to use with headphones? Like what are the benefits and drawbacks of these? I guess I’m really slow about this …or not too tech saavy. Thanks for any help.

  17. chris said something

    This is simply an external, extra battery for the iPod. So, if you have an iPod and the battery is running low, and you don’t have access to an outlet to charge it up, you could connect this pack to it and continue to listen to your music for an extra few hours. That’s all. Nothing more. No cars involved.

  18. dkain said something

    hey chris, where can i get a soldering iron for cheap? and i found out that you dont need a dremel to drill the hole but it does look better.

  19. Travis said something

    Wow.. That’s awsome … all i need now… an iPod :-( Too bad im broke… heh i’ll make one anyway for friends or whatever. Great job!

  20. OREO said something

    Awsome….Hey is there a chance u could shortout your ipod.

  21. dan said something

    very very very very very nice mad props man a few things though: which firewire do i use, is there a certain way i should connect the wires to the adapter, and you should try it with two AA’s might work better and it’s cheaper i think…

  22. Dean said something

    For anybody considering this be very very careful. I recently tried this and the previous version and had a little hang-up with my iPod i won’t turn off when unplugged from the battery unit and when connected the display says that the battery power is low on the iPod. So fare warning for those out there check the voltage and such coming from the battery unit. If anybody else has had this happen and has a solution and troubleshooting tips i would very much like to hear them. As well if some people wouldn’t mind clicking this link ( to help me attain a new iPod i would appreciate that as well.

  23. Sam said something

    Hey guys, I just found a great site from where to get the firewire sockets. The website is:
    and the socket # that you would need is 538-53462-0611 . Plus, shipping is pretty cheap…

  24. Chris said something

    I think that all the different battery packs are great. They are a awesome idea. I made myself one right when I heard about it. Keep goin. I’ll check back to see what else you’ve came up with. :)

  25. asds said something

    isn’t only one 9 volt too low

  26. awesome eli said something


  27. joseph said something

    mmm thats kool. i wonder tho, could i make one with a USB port instead of firewire and use it to charge the ipod ( or did someone say creative labs zen micro???)

  28. Jon said something

    joseph, just featured a few articles on usb battery packs, i’d check them out, the only problem is, u need to have a fare bit of skill with a soldering iron, and a few more pieces are needed.

  29. wgas said something

    its cool and all but why take the chance of f***ing up ur ipod

    and can someone please explain how it works on only 9 volts

  30. Jared said something

    will this work on fourth gen

  31. Joel said something

    DigiKey has bulk orders of firewire connectors, i just ordered a pack, the price is 9.15, you get 90 connectors in each order, if you order bulk, the price goes way down. the item number you want is WM17300-ND for horizontal connectors, WM17301-ND for vertical connectors, its the same price for either, its just preference if you want the connector to stand up or lay down.

  32. Joel said something

    it will work on 9v, but it will charge slower, as it wont have as high of a current

  33. Bob said something

    Hey Joel,
    I’m gonna make me one of these aswell,
    only in a different case ( see this picture, I allready bought one and it fits perfectly+you can put a part of the firewire cable in it) and I’ve found a way cheaper connector (vertikal, for my design) part number at digikey is: AE7346-ND

  34. angel said something

    so is anyone selling these things ?

  35. David said something

    There’s a great article on this in the April 2005 Edition of Macworld Magazine on page 103. Great job! I’ll be building this in my spare time.

  36. Keyth said something

    Hey- Just a thought- What if you made one of these, but used one (or more) of the high-capacity iPod replacement batteries, or some other rechargable battery? You could recharge it at home, and keep it around in this little pack as a backup that will give your iPod another several hours.

    In other words, the iPod AC adapter block (with its firewire connection) would plug into the firewird jack on the box, thus recharging the mAh (or whatever they are) battery.

    The replacement iPod batteries are around $30 but that’s still cheaper than the $60 for a Belkin backup battery pack.

  37. omfgwtfbbq waikuk said something

    hey at one of my classes at high school we got tons of dead mobos i just pried one off from there.

  38. Steven said something

    If you are looking for firewire connectors I believe Fry’s electronics stores carry them. And then there’s no shipping and you can pick out exactly what type connector you want.

  39. todd atkins said something

    I saw this project on hackaday and it had a version 1 and 2, the first version used a diode and resistor to regulate voltage to 5.0vdc, then in version 2 he uses an LM805 semiconductor voltage regulator. What I am thinking would be cool is to build a battery pack with 2 nine volt batterys and 2 different voltage regulators with an external switch to choose between +5vdc or +12vdc and use the LM805 and LM8012 or whatever. See what I mean? Yes? No?

  40. brad said something

    if you put 1 9 volt battery can you just fit 2 to have even more power

  41. brad said something

    Also can it mess up your ipod and if you have more than twelve volts what will happen but great project i was definitly inspired to build one

  42. Sarah said something

    Hey, I so wanna make one of these. but will it work with the mini?

  43. Sarah said something

    Hey, I so wanna make one of these. but will it work with the mini?

  44. Erik said something

    Everything that you need including the firewire connectors can be purchused at Fry’s Electronincs. Wonderful store. Try it, or go to the site.

  45. Steve said something

    WAIT A SEC! I’m confused, which pins do you hook the wires up to (example: red wire to pins 3, 5, and 6)

  46. Steve said something

    Do you hook them up the same way as you hook up the Altoid 2v?

  47. Steve said something


    I tried the other one, in the normal container, and it worked, im goin to try it, ill post my results maybe tomorrow, but deffinatly the next day.

  48. Mark said something

    will you make one of these and sell one to me?

  49. Steve said something


    I can I Can

  50. Jane said something

    Am I the only one who realizes that you can’t plug an accessory PLUS ANY power source into the iPod?

    Try to upload photos to the iPod using the Belkin Media Reader without running down the battery.

    Can’t run it off AC while doing this.

    Why doesn’t the iPod have a separate power/charger input????? Maybe one of you can build a cable that breaks out power from data.

  51. Tim said something

    Does This Work On 4th Gen and Mini or just 1st – 3rd.

  52. Steve said something

    It works with mini!

  53. Rob said something

    Hey There! I have a technology show in Bedford, NH that reaches about 22,000 people and I’d like to put one of these togethor! Are the soldering instructions the same as the big altoids tin? Thanks!

  54. Rob said something

    Also, I noticed that the Nextel Blackberry uses a firewire cable to charge, could you possibly make a Blackberry ipods charger? Who knows??

  55. chris said something

    hey, i really like the idea but only one problem. i dont like haveing to spend 10 bucks for batterys with the v2 so if you bought a double ended firewire cable and ia recargeable batterie, could you charge the batterie pack with the charger or would the circit be in reverse?

  56. Evan said something

    Would it be possible to cut a firewire dock connector in half, then solder the cut end of the dock connetor half to the battery, so that there’s just a wire coming out of the pack that plugs directly in to the ipod? I guess this would only work if there are seperated wires inside the connector, I don’t know if there are. Also, can anyone confirm whether this will work with the 4th gen ipod?

  57. Evan said something

    I found out that you can do that battery pack with the dock connector, plus it says radioshack sells a dock connector for 10$

  58. james said something

    works with 4th gen tired and tested

  59. kevin said something

    steve and erik, i work at fry’s but haven’t noticed a firewire connector…what section is it in?…or better yet…what’s the plu#?

  60. kevin said something

    nevermind…found it for $3.49 at fry’s, the plu# is 2534171

  61. rosanna said something

    we tried it and now my ipod is at the service center…fried..

  62. Joe said something

    i have a case that can hold 2 9Vs and a AA with the firewire plug….how can i wire them to get the most power/battery life for my 20 gig Ipod…please email me with instructions

  63. A said something

    Instead of using a firewire port, I decided to strip the cable that came with the iPod. I assumed that the white wire would go to negative and the black wire to positive. I wired like that, but the battery started to smell and the wire got hot. I also noticed my iPod smelled too. There were no visible shorts on the wires I stripped. What could I have done wrong?

  64. Mike said something

    Can’t you just connect 2 9V batteries in parallel so the voltage is the same but the current is twice as much? This way it will last twice as longer and charge the Ipod faster.

    On another note, I would like to get an Ipod but don’t have the money for one. If anyone could complete on of the offers on the following link and start working on getting themselves a free Ipod it would be greatly appreciated!

  65. asdfasfd said something


  66. mistral938 said something

    is this as efective with charging as the bigger one? could u use it with the ipod 20 gig?

  67. abbabibble said something

    i could hug you, man…


    seriously. you could compete with the big companies with these.

  68. Cat said something

    Can someone make one and sell it to me?
    Please email me at

  69. Frank said something

    I have a problem….
    I did the exact same thing as the article, but instead of buying a firewire female port, i just cut my iPod’s firewire cable. I connected the white to the positive and the black to the negative (which i’m sure is correct). I also added a LED to light up when the battery is connected. It is a 12 volt, red LED. For some reason, my iPod takes it at first, but then acts like the battery source is being turned on and off…back and forth. I was wondering if the LED had anything to do with it. PLEASE HELP!!

  70. mike said something

    yeah um… i am trying to figure this out but how do you the cable thing connecting all the cables to the firewire female port

  71. Steve said something

    I sell these for $20, including shipping, if u want one let me no, my email is and i take paypal payments.

  72. Steve said something

    It might take some of the charge that is goin through the wires, i think the LED works for battery packs with more than one battery, then you can hook it up to one battery and it’ll work fine, ive made another type of battery pack that works with mini that runs on 2 9volts, i sell it for same as the other battery pack, $25 including shipping

  73. Steve said something

    oh, and i take money orders too if u would like to purchase one =)

  74. Steve said something

    and u can contact me at my email /\ and on AIM at Steelcube12

  75. mike said something

    Hey i’ll by 1 just give me ur adress and i’ll send you cash in an envelope or u could email at or im with aim at bacobits24

  76. steven said something

    how do you solder the wires from the 9v to the firewire connector

  77. Steve said something

    Hey, mike, i got your sn, ill im u, anyone else want one? AIM: Steelcube12

  78. Robert said something

    According to the maker of the original iPod battery pack, the iPod’s are rated between 8 and 30 volts, so I seriously doubt your in danger if overloading ur iPods :)

    I’ll have to swing by Fry’s one of these days and pick up some connectors.

  79. Ronaldo said something

    for the pin of the female usb where the little plastic thing is on the bottom is black, green, white, and red when the usb is facing you

  80. Ronaldo said something

    you solder the red wire to the red wire and you solder the black wire to the black, white, and green wire.

  81. Ronaldo said something

    this battery pack works for all the ipods and could be used to power other electronics if the volts correspond to each other.

  82. Kyle said something

    I’m working on a usb one fitting into the altoids gum case. It’ll only use 1 9v battery and im going to get a 5v regulator because the actual charger only uses 5v and I’m trying to be safe. For some reason the usb one uses 5v and the firewire uses 12v. But anyway, I have an empty gum case, a 9v battery, a 5v regulator, an led light, and a female usb connector.. and a dremmil drill. After this im going to try to make either a 12v firewire one (i need to find a female firewire connector.. do they have those at frys?) or one that plugs directly into the ipod by chopping up an ipod cord.. (like this site: … only i dont really understand all that stuff). I’ll let you know of my success or lack there of.

  83. Kyle said something

    (also, I decided to be strikingly different and use cinnamon gum)

  84. Jason K said something

    I just got inspired to make an external power supply for my 60gb iPod photo, and I’m going to include a battery level monitor. I’m thinking I can include a circuit that will turn on an LED when the external battery pack is running low. I have to track down some parts, so it will be a week or so before I can get to work on it.

    If I am able to keep the cost down, I’ll offer to build and sell them to anyone that is interested. I’ll post my results once later.

  85. Jason K said something

    Gah! I hate changing my thought in mid-sentence, and then leaving in an erroneous word…

  86. James said something

    As opposed to using a female firewire port couldn’t you just cut a usb or firewire docking cable in half and connect the battery to the black and red wires inside? Then simply plug your iPod into the docking part of the cable? I’m not sure about regulating voltages and such but this seems far simpler and cheaper than soldering a female firewire port to a battery. I’d like your thoughts…

  87. Kyle said something

    yeah, click the link in the post i made about 5 up. It shows you how to do that. That’ll be next on my agenda.

    But for now, i made the 1 9volt battery usb altoid gum box and it seems to work.. but not well. I had to kill my ipod battery completely before i noticed anything at all.. Then i have to leave it off and charging for a few minutes before i can get the thing to turn on and play music.. then you have to keep the backlight off pretty much the entire time… but then, and only then, it seems to work. But for a first try, it was pretty good. :) I think now ill try a 12v exactly like the firewire one on this site, but with a 12v regulator and a usb port.

  88. Kyle said something

    I only had one connector so I placed an order on mouser.. so until then, i have the altoids case. I read somewhere on this site that someone filed down the box with sandpaper to make it metal.. well i used steel wool and just did the top part and then im going to get a 2″x2″ apple sticker to put on it. Ill try to get pics when im done if it looks nice.

  89. Kyle said something

    The stickers were too big. They were like 3 inches. So i cut out a stencil of the apple logo and spray painted it.. it looks.. alright. not amazing.

  90. Josh said something

    It won’t work with my mini. :(

  91. Ben said something

    Can someone make me one!!!
    This idea sounds awesome, but i don’t know how to do it.

  92. samwise said something

    Just ordered me an ipod nano and was wondering if i could make something similar. As far as i know the nano is usb not firewire, what voltage/amperage does usb supply? Assuming i find a sutible powersupply (possibly a combination of 1.5v cells) do i just link to the live and earth pins as done with the firewire port?

    thanks sam

  93. Rob said something

    This is a fantastic device for the diy ppl. I Want One!!!

  94. Afierymiss said something

    Will this work with the iPod nano? Anyone tried it to good results? I really don’t want to mess it up, it being only a few weeks old and me being broke.

  95. ben said something

    beware! It is very easy to short out the motherboard on your ipod. Your ipod will play music normally, however when you try to connect your iPod to your computer to sync, it will not connect. Apple has replaced my iPod three times because I didn’t realize this was what was going on…if your iPod is out of service warranty this is something you definately don’t want to do.

  96. mike said something

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  97. Shervin said something

    Hey guys i wanted to know if that thing would work on a 5th generation on a ipod video?

  98. Paul said something

    Chris; I am working on a simular version to power my non-ipod MP3 playerwhich derives its power via a USB connector. The AC/DC charger to charge the Li ion battery is rated at 125mA 5.6VDC. The standard voltage used in the USB 2.0 series for this voltage is +/- 5VDC depending on the polarity of the device hooked to the power supply. In my case the power needed is + 5.0 VDC. I have been reading up on charging a Li ion battery and the issue of over voltage charging keeps appearing. This over voltage damages these delicate batteries and shortens battery life. There are also concerns of unequal charging of multiple cells. The typical Li ion battery cell is 4.35 volts each and should not be exceeded from what I have read. I am going to purchase a voltage regulator closer to +4.35 VDC and go from there. Some of the newer ipods require higher voltages which mean they must be using multiple Li ion cells in series. Over charging can occur due to changes in the multiple cells. Damage to these expensive devices could occur if proper measure are not taken. See issues on smart chargers of Li ion type power supplies which use multiple battery cells. Paul S.

  99. chris said something


    Thanks for the information. A small handful of people have complained that the charger caused them some problems. I have not seen any myself, but technically, I don’t use the charger very often. The original battery pack outputs about 12V, but that number obviously changes as the batteries drain. I also created one using a single 9V battery outputting, of course, 9V. The 3G iPod is rated at 8 – 30V, and shouldn’t have a problem anywhere in between, though I understand what you are saying about fluctuation. The new iPods, are rated at 5 – 30V so they can be charged via 5V USB, not just 12V Firewire. Since Apple kept the dock connector, they can be charged either way now, which is pretty sweet. Again, I understand the fluctuations, but the voltages never exceed the rating.

    I am working on a new charger, that will indeed use a voltage regulator. I am hoping this will be a safer, more stable model.

    Thanks for the info, and good luck with your project.


  100. Ed said something

    What are the schematics for the v3 Charger? Thanks

  101. Jake said something

    interesting… aren’t firewire ports and USB ports 5 Volts, and if so why does it work on 9Volt or 12 Volts… wouldn’t that in theory fry your iPod, unless somehow there is some type of regulator inside the iPod, or you are using a 5Volt regulator??
    i’m a little confused… help me…

    signed: Confused in Seattle

  102. Carlos Pereira said something

    What about a battery pack using 4 AA batteries with a step-up voltage regulator? I’ve done it, and it works!

    Check out

    the circuit to make is in the 1st example. Plain and simple. IT WORKS. I HAVE ONE WORKING!

    Here is my site with all the info on a 4 AA battery charger for the 5G IPOD (and possibly others)

  103. steve said something

    why you dont buy the TuneJuice from griffin it wont fry your pod

  104. Cory said something

    wait…im too stoned to understand right now…is it 1 9v battery or 2? i tried hooking up a 1 9v battery to a usb (the correct way) and it says “battery is too low”

    its a new battery but no matter what it does that and like fades horribly and doesnt work for like 2 minutes (resets)

  105. Oli said something

    if i use the rechargable 12v battery of my R/C car (tyco), and connect it to a female usb port, will this work?
    what is the maximum amperage that the 5G ipod suports?
    what is the amperage of a standanrd 9v battery?

  106. jason said something

    do you have a list of parts and where you got them?

  107. Connor said something

    Alrighty, so I think I have this straight. If I wanted to use a 9 volt regulator [LM7909], then I take the positive [red] wire from the battery, and hook it to the left prong of the regulator [input] and connect the right prong of the regulator [output] to pin 1 on the firewire, yes? Then I take the negative [black] wire, let it connect to but not stop at the middle [common] wire of the regulator, and connect it to pin 2 on the firewire. Can someone please definitely tell me if this is right?

  108. Connor said something

    Gah! That’s the LM7809. Sorry about the confusion. [LM7909 regulates to -9 volts...]

  109. Connor said something


  110. Ed said something

    I have no idea buddy. I myself have been trying to make one of these, but I dont have a clear picture/diagram of the circuit. Let me know if you find anything out. Good luck.

  111. Squizzle said something

    You can get kits w/ instructions for making something just like this (usb powered) at

  112. India said something

    Hi :) my name is india and I really need help. I want to know how you made your altoids batery pack. I’m only 13 so I really don’t get all the things you say. Please,, if anyone could email me about any simple information that I could do to find this out,, please email me at — i’m trying to do this project for science fair– so plez help out :( !

  113. Max said something

    Im making one tonight

  114. Max said something

    Will this work on 5th gen video? Ive already got the Altoids case and put in the USB port WITH NO WIRING ATTACHED TO THE USB PORT, is their anything I should know before I wire it up, for example downsides of using a usb port? Can I use The USB cable that came with the i pod? Will this damage my ipod and wha can I do to avoid damage? Anyone with answers please send to

  115. Amadeo said something

    is it possible to make this work through USB? and not firewire or convert the firewire to usb?

  116. Tarn said something

    Aaron Dunlap is selling kits with good instructions for a usb 9V charger at his website… for only $10.50. Featured in the march issue of Popular Science.

  117. Ryan said something

    Dude, the thing is so simple to make. Anyone with any electrical experience could make one of these just from the schematic. Use good quality hardware though, nothing too too cheap.

  118. chase said something

    ok, i might be retarted but i dont get how you do it , i mean there like 4 pictures there i dont know how to make it just by looking at if there a link or sumthing that explains how to make it and stuff plz tell me

  119. gatohunter said something

    Thats totaly awesome.

  120. newf said something

    Would somthing like this work for a Ipod Video?

  121. moo said something

    Where can I buy a firewire port at a low cost? Maybe Radio Shack?

  122. Ben said something

    Hey. I just built one and when i plug it in to my ipod first there is no indication that is charging at all but im pretty sure it works because the screen will light up whenever i plug it in so i think seomthing is happening. The regulator however i think is overheating and shutting off because when i do plug it into my ipod the screen will light up and then turn off like it always does if no one uses it but then after about a minute it will turn back on as if something was just plugged into it again. Ithink the regulator overheats and shutsoff and then after it cools down turns back on again. Is there 1) any advice you have for me about an overheating regulator, 2) any way i can be sure its even charging or not?

  123. Mike said something

    Ok so I tried this (I’m using a usb instead of firewire, uses pins 1 and 4 instead of 1 and 2) and I’m not sure it its working. Right now my ipods battery is dead. So I plug this into it andit comes on saying the battery is very low and needs to be charged, it has the little charging incon in the corner. Then it goes to the fullsize charging icon, but it isn’t moving like it normally would. It is stuck at one bar, exactly like this picture: Is it suppose to do that? Also when my ipod did have a battery and I tried this it would be stuck on that same charging screen so I couldn’t use my ipod.
    I also tried using a 5v resistor (using this guide: ) and the same thing happens. When I tested the circuit I am getting 5v, so what is the problem?
    You can e-mail me at or post here.

  124. max said something

    in response to the free ipod thing read the conditions:
    These terms apply to your use of (the “Site”).


    1. Valid Information.

    (a) All users shall provide accurate information about their identity.

    (b) A user must have a valid email and mailing address for any or all of the FreePay websites that are offered in their respective country. The user should note that products cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes and that we only allow one account per mailing address. The following FreePay websites are available in the following respective countries:

  125. max said something

    if you sign up, they will hand out your information to tons of advertisers. thats why you can’t use a P.O. box

  126. sixblades said something

    I failed to check the voltage for the standard internal voltage of a mini battery, which turns out to be 3.7 volts. A 9v battery is WAY too much voltage. It will completely kill your battery, which will also lose most of its ability to hold a charge. The iPod heats up and begins to smoke after about 10 seconds of being connected, and after that it is practically ruined. Also, Apple will NOT replace your battery if this happens to it under the warranty. Believe me I had to go through the whole hassel of sending it in, then getting the email asking for $200 to repair it, then waiting for them to ship it back, etc., etc.. If you could somehow limit the voltage to around 3.7 volts then you should be fine, but take care when trying this project.

  127. iPodsUck said something

    If your iPod battery is getting low, you could just throw the iPod in the trash. Then buy a real mp3 player that’s not so dang proprietary with it’s music and accessories…

  128. Mike said something

    A regular iPod runs on anything from 5-30 Volts, I’m not sure about mini’s though.

  129. Ben Dover said something

    Muhahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha HA! This is sweet homie i’m making one… as soon as i get the parts. Muhahahaha don’t smoke crack. I love Puff The Magic Dragon!!!!!!!!

  130. Phillip Cum said something

    WOW. this has got to be the most original thing i’ve ever seen for the ipod.
    I think im gonna make one. thanks and remember to PHILL UP CUM. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Philip said something

    I was wondering…I read somewhere that you shouldnt wire this up the same way with a USB Port, something to do with it usually only holds 5v.
    I have a Extra iPod Dock Port Connector. Do you think there would be any Problem with Wiring the port connector directly to it?

  132. wojo said something

    sweet. just went to radioshack and the gas station right by it. got just what i needed to do all of this for under $10 bucks.

  133. Chris said something

    Why don’t you put the firewire thing on the inside, and plugging the ipod connecter into it. This would leave the big part of the ipod charge cable out so you could just plug your ipod into your altoids tin! Might have to use the bigger model though…

  134. Jess said something

    I am actually heading off to radioshack this afternoon and purchasing the things to power my friends ipod nano! Hopefully all will go well ^^.

  135. Mike said something

    Where did you get the USB port?

  136. Nick said something

    What if you used a rechargeable 9v battery and stuck a USB-male on the other side of the can to recharge the battery pack. That way you don’t have to keep buying 9v batteries.

  137. Dan said something

    Can you use a USB socket instead of Firewire? Because it’s standard on most ipods now and my connector cord runs off USB.

  138. Johns said something

    Hello Chris. I was checking out the mini version of the altoids can and it looks awesome. Would you please email me the instructions on how to make it. That would be of very much help. For an example, if you use resistors, which type to use and all. Thanks. My email is


  139. Johns said something

    Also, if you ever do send me the instructions, would you mind sending it USB style instead of firewire. Thanks.

  140. Zachary said something

    hey…I was wondering which one would you reccomend for the 30GB iPod video… I’m not sure which one I should build…

  141. Kрис said something

    Just built one of these and it is sweet! Unfortunately, it won’t charge my 3g ipod, but will charge my 1g mini and 5g video. If anyone is in need of parts, you can buy a $20 kit from

  142. Megan said something

    You should really sell something like this. You could really make some money!

  143. john said something

    very inspired now. would love to try a battery pack for ipod and cellphone so i can recharger either one. has anyone tried this yet. if so let me know what roadblocks you hit.

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