meet corey


Meet Corey, the Starbucks homeless-nerd. Stephanie and I decided to interview him the other night to answer all of your probing questions. Armed with notepad and iMic’d iPod we approached him at his “office” in Starbucks. He was a friendly and personable, well-spoken, and witty. He charmed us instantly, and we spoke with him for an hour. Stephanie wrote up our experience like this:

Corey turns 21 tomorrow. He won’t be celebrating this rite of passage at ’21′ or over impetuous fistfuls of Jagermeister but will instead spend the night sleeping upright in a chair at a 24-hour Kinko’s. Corey has been homeless in New York City for the past three and a half months.

He bathes in churches, spending $20 a week on mouthwash, shaving cream, and other necessities. The self-taught Midwestern transplant earns money by helping people with their computer problems at Kinko’s come nightfall. During the day, he uses the ghetto-tech computer equipment, he discovered in a dumpster, to surf the Internet at Starbucks (picking up free wireless waves from the neighborhood). Is he surfing for a job? “No. What’s the point? No one will hire you if you don’t have an address.” Instead, he’ll navigate local news and spend most of his time in Yahoo! Chat rooms trying to find his soul mate. “I have to admit, I have quite a way with the ladies. Especially the big ones. I like mine big.”

“Don’t these women, once they discover you’re homeless, lose interest?” How exactly does one go about dating when he’s homeless? He shows up on dates wheeling his monitors and United States Postal Service bin filled with toiletries.

“Some do, and it hurts my feelings, but once I find her, I’ll be very rich.” I have to admit, I missed it completely. I thought immediately, sugar momma or scam. Instead, he was alluding to the ending of a children’s book, an illustrated one with bears and hearts and a bench beneath an apple tree. “Finding her will make me a very wealthy man.”

My additional commentary:
Hilarious. The kid spends all day looking for ass in all the wrong places. He eats leftover sweets from Starbucks or strangers. He saves what little money he gets for cleaning himself – he seemed very clean. He showers at a local church. He spends all day until 10pm at Starbucks and then moves on to a 24 hour Kinko’s. He sleeps for a few hours at a time sitting in one of their chairs. And he longs to leave to NYC to go stay with some other new woman. “It’s really hard here in NY without any money.” No shit.

He had a laptop when he first arrived, but it was stolen during his first night at the shelter. Now he doesn’t go back. Instead he lugs a reconditioned-from-the-trash desktop computer around with a 15″ CRT monitor. He got it running with $47 (“a stick of memory,” a wi-fi card, and hard drive cable was all it took).

No permission from Starbucks either. He just walked in one day a few weeks ago and plugged in. “They looked at me strange at first, but then started asking me questions. Now they give me leftover food at the end of the night.” He looks at it as a mini-business plan, “I figure, I turn my monitor towards the window and people come in to ask me about what I’m doing. Then they buy coffee. It’s win-win.” He has a point. He added, “…but I might be wearing out my welcome.”

When he explained his financial situation: 2 Canadian coins in his pocket and 47 cents, Stephanie and I sympathized. It’s his birthday this Saturday, so we gave him enough money for a few good meals and bus ticket to Illinois (to meet his next love). He shocked face and simple, “God bless you,” was repayment enough.

Yesterday I popped in to say hello. He excitedly told me about the new flat panel monitor he got for $50, the new keyboard for $10, and the memory stick for his old monitor-less laptop. “Now I can listen to music from this one, while I surf and IM from this one.” My disappointment must have been obvious, because his smile straightened quickly. I made some excuse for needing to leave, and then did.

I guess there are real reasons why some irresponsible people wind up friendless, broke, and eventually homeless. Most homeless guys would beg for money for food and then go buy a fifth of vodka. This kid gets his buzz from circuits. It’s not all that different I suppose.

It makes me sad, and my heart is made of frozen stone.

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  1. matt said something

    I just stopped down at Starbucks looking for him, and he has left!!!! Apparently someone has given him enough money to go back home to the Mid-west.

    Ironically, I saw him on line at the OTB on 36th street, boasting to everyone within earshot, about a “sure-thing” in the the fifth at Yonkers.

  2. matt said something

    Seriously, he is gone. I did not see him at OTB. Usually, at this time, 6:00pm, he is still in Starbucks. I will check at Kinkos later.

  3. Jefe said something

    Knowing that your heart is made out of frozen stone now explains why you have such problems waking up in the morning – your enormously heavy chest is being pushed back down due to the earth’s gravity.

  4. Wiley Wiggins said something

    We’re all going to be like this in five years.

  5. speak of what you know, don't assume said something

    …real reasons why some irresponsible people wind up friendless, broke, and eventually homeless…

    no, the real reason _people_ become homeless usually involves undiagnosed and untreated neurosphysiological diseases (but, because there’s no blood or missing limb, few believe the illness) and an extremely inadequate social security system…yay

  6. rob said something

    do you have a dictionary definition for why some people don’t get jokes?

  7. Jacob said something

    This man is my new hero.

  8. Alex Krupp said something

    I saw this guy last friday when I stopped at that starbucks for a chai. I was early for an appointment so I was sitting across from him (he was sleeping on his keyboard) reading, ironically enough, Kerouac. Wow, this is crazy, I had no idea.

  9. John said something

    Something to realize about giving charity to homeless or impoverished people is that they will use that charity for the means that they see immediately necessary. My mother’s co-workers at the community college she works for pooled together some money and bought a car for this girl that had to take a bus 4 hours a day to go to school and couldn’t have a job because of it. The girl turned around and sold the car to purchase something (I can’t remember) for her family. She didn’t see that the car was an enabler for her to go to school and work and eventually strengthen her position in society. It was all about improving her situation in the present.

    The rich live in the past, the middle class live in the future and the poor live in the present.

  10. sbux addict said something

    Starbucks: where even the customers need a union.

  11. talltexan said something

    It appears he is flipping us off in the pic?

  12. aymiee said something

    Thanks for the update. My friends and I weren’t sure if the picture was a photography trick — being April Fools and all….

  13. Eureka!Branch said something

    I think it is really cool of you to help this kid out with some cash for his birthday.

  14. Prawnstar said something

    Don’t be disappointed. You just gave him the best (and probably the only) birthday present he’s going to get this year. He must be so stoked to get his new monitor etc. Cheer up, you brightened up his life.

  15. raindog mx said something

    when i was half-time homeless i dreamed of having a laptop and internet connection. now i have a laptop and a home. hmm. hope this kid get a job, he seems smart enough.

  16. Andrew said something

    I hope he gets a fat girl for his birthday.

  17. Jon said something

    This is sooo April 1st…

  18. chris said something

    Robbie, I get it AND i’m stoned.

  19. communist said something

    No job? No rent? No lease agreement? No domestic chores? No bills? Free internet? Living in a coffeeshop? Heaven?

  20. Tom said something

    Nice of you two to buy him a ticket. You two are not at fault…he is addicted to searching for big girls.

  21. Sharron said something

    That’s a great thing that you guys did to help him. I’m sorry to hear he disappointed you, Stephanie.

  22. Hampton said something

    I’m going to go tomorrow and try and find him… I guess its his birthday tomorrow.

    Anyhow, I had a recently de-homelessed kid move in with me and my partner. It went alright. He never stole anything from us… but a few months after he left, the cops came and were looking for him.

    That’s no good!

  23. wow said something

    For April 1st, this is incredibly earnest.

    I want to believe!

  24. chris said something

    It’s now 12:01am. I SWEAR this is real. No April Fool’s bullshit. This kid is the real deal.

    Yes, he does tote it all around in a shopping cart.

  25. Hampton said something


    I totally believe you.


    Because this kinda shit happens here.

    And chris… it was 12:02 when you posted that… don’t give us this 12:01 crap.

    One question though…. WiFi isn’t free at the starbucks I frequent (5 dollar coffee… grrrr). Its all that TMobile hotspot shit.

  26. Elliott Bäck said something

    Yeah. I met this guy in the starbucks near Times Square at 3 AM the other week. Very interesting character. He pulled a laptop, CRT, printer, and etc out of nowhere to do who knows what…

  27. Cynthia said something

    I am amazed at my interest in a guy who spends his time earnestly searching for something elusive when, if he put as much energy into working, living and helping others, he might actually stumble across the very thing he is searching for…meaning. Why would any person want to connect with someone who is so disconnected?

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

  28. Jessica said something

    This guy should start a blog! I think there’s already a homeless girl with a blog, though…

  29. wilbza said something

    the bigger the better i always say. i wish all the best to corey, keep it real

  30. Bob said something

    hey, does he just chat or surf Porn of big fat ladies on that computer too???

  31. Anthony said something

    This story just might beat the Homeless at NYU kid. Although, he did have a blog. :)

  32. -lc- said something

    You do realize that the people letting him stay there aren’t management, and now that this is public, management will kick him out and/or have him arrested for being there. Homelessness is treated as a CRIME in our grand united states.

    On the other hand, anyone can get a post office box, even a private one that looks like it has a real street address. I had to live out of my car for a year a decade ago. It was hell but I finally got my way out using that technique.

    Yes half of this is his fault for not trying harder but if he isn’t blowing his little income on drugs or alcohol then I can’t be too upset with him and we need to help him, not mock him.

    Anyone can trip and fall down in life. Let’s help them up, not use them for a moment of entertainment.

  33. Asher said something

    Who’s got the rights for the TV movie?

  34. randy-orlando-florida said something

    chris,GOODLUCK….I wish you the best!!…the calm before the storm.

  35. randy-orlando-florida said something

    chris,GOODLUCK….I wish you the best!!…the calm before the storm.

  36. Soop said something

    He should get a job in starbucks. or if he’s looking for a fat chick, McDonalds.

  37. Melissa -Harrison,Arkansas said something

    Most people are mean and crule to people who have mental problems.That is the reason people have a hard time Feeling good about themselfs.Just maybe he feels as tho no one with a great looking figure would have him.There for he needs BIG ladies that already have low self esteam.As most over weight people do.But them again we are not talking about over weight,we ,or he is talking about “BIG” ladies. What ever happend to guys who like 5’1 and about 112pounds? Why not just humore the guy next time or persons…………

  38. Melissa -Harrison,Arkansas said something

    Most people are mean and crule to people who have mental problems.That is the reason people have a hard time Feeling good about themselfs.Just maybe he feels as tho no one with a great looking figure would have him.There for he needs BIG ladies that already have low self esteam.As most over weight people do.But them again we are not talking about over weight,we ,or he is talking about “BIG” ladies. What ever happend to guys who like 5’1 and about 112pounds? Why not just humore the guy next time or persons…………

  39. Melissa -Harrison,Arkansas said something

    Most people are mean and crule to people who have mental problems.That is the reason people have a hard time Feeling good about themselfs.Just maybe he feels as tho no one with a great looking figure would have him.There for he needs BIG ladies that already have low self esteam.As most over weight people do.But them again we are not talking about over weight,we ,or he is talking about “BIG” ladies. What ever happend to guys who like 5’1 and about 112pounds? Why not just humore the guy next time or persons…………

  40. tammy said something

    i really feel sorry for this guy…..maybe he will find a job……and a big chick!!!

  41. guy said something

    Interesting story. Thanks for posting.

  42. cdharrison said something

    i don’t know whether to feel sorry for this guy, or to laugh. mental disorder or not, he’s messed up.

  43. Louis said something

    is he trying to make it in NYC? has anyone asked him why he is living here? expelled college Student maybe?
    Hope he finds whatever he is looking for.

  44. jon said something

    I have alot of respect for this guy. I live in Queens NYC and hate to get on trains (like the E) where someone is allways begging for money or their is a homeless person who has just given up on everything, and lays there on the train smelling awful.

    this guy has enough self respect to keep himself clean and educated via the net. I think he should start writing Eails to explaining his situation. Maybe even applying for scholarships/grants and such from a tech school.

  45. Chris said something

    Hey Cynthia drop the AA shit he’s sober,leave the guy alone only you goofs in New York would give him a hard time

  46. Chris said something

    Hey Cynthia drop the AA shit he’s sober,leave the guy alone only you goofs in New York would give him a hard time

  47. ben said something

    dude needs to surf up on craigslist and find a cash paying job.. that place is a gold mine.

  48. hydroz said something

    Personnally, i think that this guy is just an idiot. Anybody with half a brain, and it seems like he has at least that, can change their situation IF THEY TRY. Obviously, he is complacent with being a lousy bum!

  49. mark said something

    i have a friend who travelled the country, going from one programming assignment to the next, while living in his car. he mostly did that to save on money rather than spend it on rent.

    i bet if corey had a notebook, and didn’t need to lug around all that unweldy computer hardware, most people wouldn’t notice him. he’d blend right in with all the other layabouts tapping away at their notebooks.

    this makes me wonder now if anybody i see at a starbucks with notebook is in a similar plight as corey.

  50. esCupido said something

    If I were Cupid I’d put Corey together with Paris Hilton.
    Just for a laugh, and also because I know it would irritate the f*ck out of alot of people out there.
    And just maybe, he could help her in not having her blackberry hacked and all her personal secrets divulged. And Paris could consider herself white trash chic in introducing her new boyfriend as ‘this is my boyfriend, Corey the homeless starbucks nerd’ ;)

  51. robin said something

    chris — great story, except for the “irresponsible” tag. ’tis not a lifestyle i’d recommend to anyone, but he’s not harming anyone except himself, and us libertarians got to stick together. when my college buds headed off with a backpack to see how far they could go on $300, i admired their chutzpah and frankly was a little jealous. sounds to me like corey has checked out in similar fashion … he’s just chosen to do the big apple rather than the lower himalayan steppes. as to your charity: he needs a cable to lock his laptop to his belt, not a bus ticket out … give a farmer seeds, not sandwiches.

  52. talltexan said something

    Just a few thoughts on this situation which I beleive those with the most common sense will agree with.

    1. We need to get Corey to setup a PayPal account where we could help him to be able to enjoy this life expereince with a little more depth.

    2. Someone prefereably a female should suggest to him that he becomes cleanshaven, I personally think that this will give him more credibility with passerbyers. Which in turn may present him with more options.

    3. I think that that Corey posesses the skills and determination to be a dependable worker.

    4. That he should be protected by the poster named Hampton, this guy appears to be a pervert and with his own words he admitted to picking up another homeless kid and letting him stay with him and his partner. I can just imagine the hell that kid went through, living with two fags , I bet he slept in a corner with both eyes opened.

  53. extrahotchaidude said something

    Starbucks should kick all homeless people out because it has become a breading ground for the NY homeless community, mingling with the high paying java psychos.

  54. talltexan said something

    Corey if you read this. Happy Birthday!

  55. extrahotchaidude said something

    Everyone can get a job in NYC !!! Even at Starbucks and Kinko’s..they basically take anyone. So there is no excuse why a guy 21 yo dude needs to be homeless in NYC 2005, unless he is mentally ill. Then, get help and may GOD bless you.

  56. fag face said something

    Heads up, losers: people who work in the neighborhood know “Corey” is a fucking douchebag who used to kick and hit his dog, to the point where the dog had no fur on its back. We finally called the humane society on his dumb ass but by then he suddenly had no dog. Congratulations on making this ABSOLUTE TOTAL LOSER famous. Do your fucking homework and write about something worthwhile next time.

  57. madmagic said something

    I guess there are real reasons why some irresponsible people wind up jobless, broke, and eventually journalists. Most college grads would beg their parents for money for food and then go to Starbucks. This writer gets his buzz from poverty. It’s not all that different I suppose. It makes me sad, and my heart is made of frozen mocafrappachino. With chocolate sprinkles, please.

    Seriously, Chris: why did you think handing him your money would fix his life problems? And if (as you wrote) “He [sic] shocked face and simple,”God bless you,” was repayment enough” — then what’s your problem? You gave him your money, you felt better. Done deal.

    Oh. He didn’t follow through, in the way you expected? Part of the commercial transaction was not fulfilled, and you can’t sue his ass for failure to provide your happy ending?

    Grow up. If you are capable of learning anything from this situation, it’s that tossing money at real world problems doesn’t always fix them. You want to buy a happy ending, go to WalMart.

    Corey, who you identified as the “homeless-nerd” in your opening line (what compassion! what empathy! what fellow-feeling! damn, where you buy this much soul, brother?) obviously has problems a simple flash of your cash won’t fix.

    Does that mean your disappointment allows you the luxury of turning your back on him — and by implication, all the Coreys in the world?

    No. You don’t get off that cheap. Use the educated mind you’re so proud of having and try to figure out what went wrong. What you can do better next time. If you don’t give up, maybe you can do some good. The world is a large and unexpectedly good place, some days.

    Heart of stone. Hah. It’s yours bubba, you wore it walking in. Don’t blame what’s inside your chest on Corey. You want to make him wear his own grief — and yours too. How very kind.

  58. wanger said something

    Starbucks should kick all homeless people out because it has become a breading ground for the NY homeless community

    Homeless people in NY are breaded? Next time I’m in NYC I’ll have to drop by a Starbucks to witness a breading. Does it make them tastier?

  59. Adam said something

    Think of it this way — LCD monitors are much lighter than CRT monitors, so he will expend fewer calories pushing it around in his cart. Spending fewer calories is like taking in more calories, right? So it’s almost like he spent the $50 on food.

    Also, he will have more space on the table to sleep!

  60. wanger said something

    Starbucks should kick all homeless people out because it has become a breading ground for the NY homeless community

    Seriously, though, I’m sure you meant breeding ground. Which begs the question, how can Starbucks be a breeding ground for the homeless? Do they go there to recruit? To clone one another? Do they have unprotected sex there? I don’t understand.

  61. Stomaphagus said something

    It’s like a 21st Century Cometbus!

  62. mrk said something


  63. j0c1f3r said something

    wow…..never met so many bitchy people….1st of…all of you ….lighten the f*&k up….so serious…the choices we make are ours….no one elses….its defines who we are later in life….so you cant judge people because their path is different than what you might think …how we end up is just… we end up…not everyone gets to be a superstar…and alot of us dont wanna be… cool

  64. augury said something

    happy birthday man …

  65. macky said something

    This guy should start a blog, and put up a PayPal tip jar. He could probably make more money that way. He’s a homeless guy who’s online, so cyber-panhandling would be appropriate.

  66. alt said something

    dude,…. such hostility… although I agree.

  67. clint said something


  68. Asher said something

    From “Talltexan” above…

    4. That he should be protected by the poster named Hampton, this guy appears to be a pervert and with his own words he admitted to picking up another homeless kid and letting him stay with him and his partner. I can just imagine the hell that kid went through, living with two fags , I bet he slept in a corner with both eyes opened.

    Homophobic ass. Mom must be so proud.

  69. Andrew said something

    If this Corey kid really did abused and beat his dog, I really do hope he finds a big girl… who sits on his face and suffocates the little fucker.

  70. billy said something

    oh, i get it. he’s gay.

  71. corey babcock said something

    look every body i may be smart and stuff but im not all there im bipolar and im just in need of someone to be with for the rest of my life ok and i have found the right person whos in water town and she wants me for sure but thing is too i was tryin to tell you chris is that woman in matton il dident let me know for sure if she wanted me sofuck her but every one just let me be ok and if you truly wanan be a decent perosn do so if not let me be in piece cuz i read these blogs and some seriosly hurt my feeling and i feel like jumping sumties from a bridge ok so leave the fuck alone or help not post stupid shit thats gonna hurt me ok

  72. Punterfpc said something

    Hey bro, I’m sorry, but the reason you aren’t going anywhere in life is cause you can’t write. I had to read your shit like 50 times to understand what the hell you were trying to say and I am a sophomore in college.

  73. Matthew said something

    Corey is a Modern Nomad. I admire his ambition. Soon when his well runs dry, he should sell t-shirts on his blog.

  74. rendell said something

    cool down guys

  75. rendell said something

    I totally agree with Matthew. He should set-up a blog and write about his life.

  76. corey babcock said something

    look i miss type things cuz of mthis key board ok but yes i am stupid ok so whats it to you all

  77. rendell said something

    You are not stupid. You choose the life you wanted … Since I wouldn’t dare do things that you do, I salute you.

  78. "T" from Des Moines said something

    Interesting story. In my opinion, seems like the guy has potential. Maybe he needs to seek out some help for his problems and focus on what he’s good at. First thing’s first, help himself and then find the love of his life. Otherwise he may be setting himself up for some more downfalls. I wish the guy luck.

  79. logicnazi said something

    Who are you to decide which is better for him, some meals or some computer shit. He seems not to be starving so maybe he just prefers to have the computer shit to some good food. I mean is this really any different than college students who skimp on food and eat raman or pasta so they can buy an ipod?

    I mean unless he is complaining about spending the money incorrectly why not just suppose he spent it the way that made him happiest?

  80. t-money said something

    Corey will make it. He won’t make it like I’m making it (working the corporate-slut angle), he won’t make it like my williamsburg friends are making it (combo of arts and services).

    But he’ll make it off the kindness of strangers. Does that make him a “user” of people? Maybe. But so what?! Some people like being used (in that Florence Nightingale-way) and for others giving a guy a couple of bucks is no skin off their back.

    As long as Corey isn’t out robbing and stealing, he’ll come out on top. Maybe he is crazy and needs medication. Maybe he is lazy and will live off some woman. Whats wrong with that?! NOTHING.

    Corey- if you are actually reading this; good luck, man. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

  81. talltexan said something

    To poster named “Asser” I can tell by your so called “self righteousness” that you yourself are a flamin queer, talk about a momma being proud. Usually the people that get upset when you call queers queers are because.
    You should listen more to Michael Savage.

    1. They are one.

    2. They are related to one

    3. They know one.

  82. Jimbo said something

    What is “Starbucks”?

  83. talltexan said something

    I don’t care if you kicked your dog, I had to kick mine before too so what that animal rights freak said does’nt bother me one bit. I will say that you can become a sucess in this country. And if you ever make it to Houston, Texas you write and I’ll do whatever I can to help. Anyway H-Town is a lot cheaper to live in with all the amenities and you do not have to deal with all them Yankees.

  84. dreamseeker said something

    It is truly disconcerting to see that a lot of the remarks here reflect only the label of being “homeless” and not what is at the core of the phenomenon.

    This person marks the unshakeable presence of our digital age. Here is a revolutionary who has no personal posessions nor a means of income in the “respectable” sense to support himself. Yet, he is able to stay alive and has the belief that his future lays in discarded technology. He has nothing else except for the bare essentials: his tools to communicate and his brain. Yet it is sufficient enough for him to find purpose in day-today living.

    This person is not stupid. He is smart enough to make discarded computers operational and go on-line through wi-fi. This marks the complete abandon, belief and reliability of technology to enhance our livelihood – regardless if you have money or non at all.

  85. Tim said something

    To poster named “Asser” I can tell by your so called “self righteousness” that you yourself are a flamin queer, talk about a momma being proud. Usually the people that get upset when you call queers queers are because.
    You should listen more to Michael Savage.

    1. They are one.

    2. They are related to one

    3. They know one.

    Thanks for sharing your brilliant point of view. So you abuse animals and are closed-minded. I guess they really do go all the way in Texas.

    And just on #3, I’d be very surprised if everyone here doesn’t know at least 1 person who is gay. In the end though, it just goes to show that you are homophobic, and proud of it. I’m sure you are making all many closed-minded fools very happy today. Congrats.

  86. teenwolf said something

    Yes, as “dreamseeker” has so aptly pointed out, this is a revolutionary phenomenon. He has obviously made the courageous philosophical choice to believe that his future lays entirely in discarded technology. This is clearly someone who has a very new and distinctive digital philosophy and is someone that we should look to for insights into the new age we find ourselves facing.

    Some people here seem only able to disparage this brave man’s digital struggle. Shame on you. His day-to-day life of encroaching on private property and trying to meet fat chicks on Yahoo chat rooms who he believes will carry him away to riches is just a brilliant understanding of history and revolutionary change. His resolve to carry on in his revolutionary struggle is quite apparent and I think that you can even find the deeper strains of Marxist philosophy in his actions. Historical inevitability.. Once those Yahoo chat rooms reach a certain level of fat chick industrialization, the homeless proletariat will rise up and entice them, and the fat chicks will carry them away, which will then lead to a utopian society filled with riches and spare computer parts for all.

    This is no slack-jawed gawker my friends, this is the digital prophet for our generation.

  87. Andrew said something

    Talltexan should change his name to bigot-douchebag-texan. No wonder so many of us have a negative view of your state. You’re an ass with no class, pal. You kick dogs? I hope a rottweiler eats your fucking head and shits down your ignorant throat.

  88. Andrew said something

    Sorry for being off topic…

  89. Conor said something

    No, I think he’s just a hobo who needs to go back to the midwest and move back in his parent’s basement.

  90. talltexan said something

    For Antdew,
    Your posting is just another example of how helpful faggots are in this day and age, until it affects you it is not a cause worth fighting for. To read this young mans struggle and yet he is not bitter does not cause you to offer support, but you are more conerned about some animal that may in your opinion might be mistreated. This is why I call you and your ilk perverts, your mental capabilities are perverted, Michael Savage has it right when he says “Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    And to Tiny Tim,
    Homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes.

  91. dogboy said something

    Hey I invite everbody to a dog kicking match down here in Texas, We start in the early afternoon with a dogstomp then later in the evening we play for cash.

  92. solar jim said something

    Happy Birthday.
    You need a solar panel, battery,
    charge controller and inverter.
    There are lots of wifi signals
    in NY and the weather will be
    nice soon.With solar power you
    will be off the electric grid
    and truly mobile.

  93. i am water said something

    chris, nice coverage of “Corey The Homeless”. i saw your story on boingboing and thought i would check it out. on a slightly related topic, i was wondering of all such posts go only so far before people attack each other verbally? have you ever looked at that? perhaps a topic can only take so much before everyone gets bored and then starts attacking each other? if that is the case, perhaps we could find a way to determine the stale value point of an idea and limit the posts? ha! of course, then i wouldn’t be here… hmmm

  94. talltexan said something

    I think this story proves without a doubt that “the internet is the mecca of individuality”.

  95. Alex said something

    Happy Birthday Corey. Best of luck in your endeavors. Personally, I think you should get a post office box (as mentioned above) and then find a job. Struggling to make it builds character. Heck – just about everything builds character. You just need to work for it, it won’t fall in your lap. Don’t let other people get you down. There are a lot of people here who want to see you succeed. Remember that.

  96. Andrew said something

    Iamwater, Talltexan is getting “abused verbally” because it’s fun to do so when someone so obviously deserves it. He hates gays, abuses animals and hides behind religion. I wonder if he’d be offering to set up a paypal account for Corey if he knew Corey refers to tall ignorant Texans as “big girls.” Anyway…

    As for Corey, maybe this kid is worthy of our sympathy, maybe not. The kid clearly has talent and balls, and I respect his efforts to stay hygenic. But if the post by fag-face is true, however, then perhaps he doesn’t deserve any sympathy. I’m going to stay on the fence because I don’t know the kid. Everyone here is speculating this and that, but from Chris and Stephanie’s brief quizzing, none of us know the true Corey.

  97. extrahotchaidude said something

    Where does the guy, Corey, piss, shit, shower, fuck his fat chicks and wackoff? The church, kinkos and/or starbucks? I goto church to pray, goto kinko’s to make my copies and starbucks to drink my extrahotchai. Maybe he should take some lessons from me. Get a job or go home to the midwest to live with mommy and dadddy.

  98. Miss Daze said something

    From one Texan to another: That revolting redneck attitude you are displaying (put-on or not) is why so many believe all Texans are a bunch of bigoted, uneducated, loud mouthed idiots.

    Thank you from the bottom of my cottin’ pickin’ little ole heart.

  99. toffeenut said something

    i’m thinking you’re all thinking too much. probably corey is just having an adventure while he’s young. when it becomes unpleasant, he’ll ask his parents to wire him money so he can take the first greyhound home.

    and remember, ann richards, l.b.j., molly ivans…some good things came out of texas. they’re not all hateful sleezebags.

  100. adam said something

    i have one question…. how does he pay for his t-mobile hot-spot internet connection? or does this starbucks offer him free internet? or does he have a hardwired connection?

  101. guy said something

    He’s just a guy that thinks of the NOW instead of how to better himself. Nothing more, nothing less. I was there once myself.

  102. talltexan said something

    I love it when the libs and pervs get upset, but please Antdew,Toenut and Miss Sleaze you need to learn that in reality there are more of us than u, it’s just that the lib media displays yall’s reckless behavior as the majority. Any idiot could figure that out after the last election, the majority of Americans understood that Kerry was from the party of freaks and wierdos. Your type is the minority and brings credibility to the thought of selective sterilization. Remember that your thought process does not function properly because you are given over to a reprobate mind.

  103. toffeenut said something

    adam — i think it’s obvious — just because he’s sitting in starbucks doesn’t mean he’s using starbucks’ wifi. manhattan is a cramped place, lots of buildings pushed next to each other. there’s gotta be an unprotected network nearby he’s sponging off of.

  104. cuhulin said something

    If I worked at that starbucks,I would call the manager and get that worthless no good bum (Corey) kicked out of there!


  105. toffeenut said something

    let’s all stop feeding the troll. then he’ll get bored.

  106. sbuxgirl said something

    When i first saw his pic, I had a crush on him, then he is a computer nerd? I am totally charmed! He is a homeless? Now let me see…he should be so irresponsible, spoiled,brain-damaged..etc to get into this situation..I wish him good luck :(

  107. g said something

    3 words.

    Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

  108. talltexan said something

    To put it simply this man is a visionary, he has done nothing but taken advantage of the system created by Starbucks and Kinko’s. Starbucks pride themselves on helping the poor and downtrodden (You only have to go to the mixer bar and the face of the son of a poor beangrower will look you in the face from their propoganda flyers and say, “The blood, sweat and tears of my daddy went into that cup of coffe you are about to enjoy and that because you bought that $5.00 cup of coffee my daddy was paid .03″) while Kinko’s says to the little guy “Hey we will provide the office you cannot afford so you may rise above your current situation and better yourself”. He IS planning for the future by seeking a relationship with another person, keeping himself clean, honing his skills as computer techie, and by the way with all the crime that takes place in NYC he probably has a wad of cash he has found in the dumpsters. I mean if thats where he found his current system then that menas he is still dumpster diving looking for better hardware.

  109. Miss Daze said something

    Sorry toffeenut, but I just need to rant one more time, then I’m out of here and not looking back.

    TT: You jump to the conclusion that anyone who opposes your views are liberals or perverts. How many would fit neatly into those nifty little catagories that you have created to give yourself a sense of comfort and safety? Poor frightened little man. Once again, you prove your stupidity.

    And you cannot stand alone, can you? Gotta bring this “them vs. us” into it. Well, sweetie, your “majority” is a joke because it was pretty much split in half. Regardless, minorities are the ones who bring about change – remember that when the time comes and you’re quivering in your bunker.

    Neanderthals, gotta love ‘em, evolution has left them behind so they need to make as much noise as possible to get attention. And they’re fun, too!

  110. talltexan said something

    Miss Sleaze,
    What you decry me for is exactly what your Poverty Pimp leaders have been doing to your people for the past 40 years and people like u still believe the lies they told you grandpappy that if he votes this way or that he will get a bisquit and a place to sit with the others, your more concerned about helping you lifestyle more than you are helping your own people. Thats the way a typical minority democrat works. When Big Al speaks to you rise up or is Farakhan your man?

  111. talltexan said something

    I would be willing to bet that Corey has gotten more help from conservatives than he has from libs.

  112. tallertexan said something

    Where is this $5.00 cup of coffee I hear so much about? I keep asking for it at Starbucks and all they do is look at me funny. I think it exists only in the fantasies of people like tt.

  113. Colin Alston said something

    One wonders why he did not spend his time programming, or using his skills in a more constructive way to earn money – rather than chatting on IM.

  114. sb said something

    Cory, dude i was just like you, still am i guess. i came a hair’s breadth away from being homeless but i moved in with my grandma for a while. And i found a “big girl” online who wanted me and moved in with her. i’m still with her, and now i have a job (she was insistent on that after i moved in here) i’ve been here and been working for over a year now. i think you’ll be ok if you stay out of trouble, but a couple of things worry me. Did you really abuse your dog like that? Dude i’m not a big animal rights person or nothing, but that is some serious shit. That’s a big sign of something more than bipolar/schizo. I’m telling you dude you need to cut that shit out. Whatever state of mind or whatever leads to that you need to kill that off. Good luck man. Oh yeah and i think it’s kind of funny your thinking this chick’s gonna be a rich and you’ll have it made. You do need somebody, everyone does, you can’t do this alone, nobody can. But you get what you give in life.

  115. corey babcock said something

    well i never had a dog i never abused one everybody ok your just sick for thinking qweeres

  116. pjizzle said something

    and that’s a chunk of sleep i’ll just have to make up tomorrow afternoon…wow…some people read too far into it…some people looked to mental illness…some people looked to belittling minorities(like gays and card-carrying-members-of-the-KKK)…did anyone ever just think that the guy’s lazy? maybe he doesn’t feel like caring or that he has to care…i think for some people it’s just a part of life…

    and for all you liberals out there…stop being so mean to people like talltexan…they’re just mad because they’re dying out and the country is losing its prudish nature to more racy things…

    and for all you people like talltexan out there…stop being so mean to gay people…they aren’t so bad…and there are probably more of them who work out than there are of you who work out…not to mention that the more of them there are, the less likely the human race will continue itself…

    bottom line…don’t hate…we’re all just as bad for society as the person we hate the most…

  117. aj said something

    Wow! Did NO ONE get the fact that TallTexan was being sarcastic in his first post and when no one got it he started trolling just to make fun of you guys?


  118. the man said something

    an’t no women in there right mind would go with him i feel the same way about him like i feel about hookers,and durg dealers but aleast they try to make there life better he ant nonthing but a freeloader tryin to take the easy way out of life and whants everyone to feel sorry for him
    and i dont..about that gay thing as long as they keep there thing and ther
    pants and away from me its all good

  119. anonymous one for now said something

    happy belated birthday, corry! :-)

    to everyone else: corey is not expecting a ‘big girl’ to actually make him rich. he was quoting from a book where love makes a man wealthy (emotionally not financially).

    please take the insults elsewhere!

    please read all the posts before
    firing off an unhelpful retort…

    please be constructive!

    corey is reading this, so let’s try to help him out rather than tear him down and give him the benefit of a doubt as well.

    if someone saw him abuse a pet, they should’ve reported it. he’s obviously not been convicted (and imprisoned) for anything, and we should keep to the american ideal of innocent until proven guilty.

    i agree that a laptop and personal alarm would make more sense than a desktop computer. any other good ideas out there? anybody donate a paypal account to corey yet…?

    fare thee well…take care!

  120. KemiKal said something

    Wow….smart kid!

  121. MACALEX said something

    Did Corey say that he wants to have a job? Maybe he prefer that kind life style, most of the homeless people in Russia will beg you to have the same life environment as he has. Free shower at church, free food, free Internet, what else guy need? ;) He could already setup Warez HotLine server at STARBUCKS and make money through warez soft sales for example. ;)
    Corey get a life, is what you need, not yahoo chat. :D
    Yes, of course you should setup for him paypal account that people could transfer money for new PB G4 with large 100Gb HD for his server. ;) Corey, also you need to move quickly around the country that will make you more secure from FIB folks, sometimes they wake up and hunting for some warez servers. ;)

    Good luck

  122. harold said something


  123. MACALEX said something

    I don’t know why, but he reminds me of Kevin Mitnick in the young age, Corey is the next big hacker! :) ))

  124. sidney said something

    ooh “online intervention”? great idea, i like it. a first for anonymous people to intervene upon someone they don’t know.

  125. Shultz said something


  126. Armen said something

    [i]He excitedly told me about the new flat panel monitor he got for $50, the new keyboard for $10, and the memory stick for his old monitor-less laptop.[/i]

    How sweet! Now he won’t have to carry around that heavy CRT monitor I guess. I’m really happy he did the *right* thing with the money instead of spending it for *meals*!!!! Hope he’ll use these stuff to educate himself more and earn more money. English is my third language and I studied it all by myself using a computer in order to read technical books. So I have an enormous respect for these devices and people who love them.

  127. Armen said something

    I guess there are real reasons why some irresponsible people wind up …

    I didn’t like this part at all! Indeed the *irresponsible* person is you yourself that insults the guy like this. I wish I could throw your money back to you and make you apologize for insulting him. Homeless or not if he helps people in their computer problems and doesn’t steal or sell drugs he is an honorable person. His lifestyle is up to him completely. And giving away a little bit of your money won’t give you the right to insult him.

  128. Tom said something

    I am at a complete loss here…people want to setup a paypal account to donate money to him. I’m not heartless, but the first thing he needs to do is help himself. Giving him more money isn’t helping him. By continuing to give him money, you are supporting him and not really giving him any help. He will continue to live the same way. He has already proven a pattern of behavior. This is what he will do with more money…buy more computer equipment to hang out in Starbucks and Kinkos looking for a big woman. He is happy with his lifestyle. If he wasn’t, he would make a change and would have bought that ticket.

    Think about this one for a minute….if a thousand people donated him $20 each…he would have $20k. What did he do to deserve $20k? What do you think he would do with that money? You would be better off donating your $20 to some charity that benefits the homeless. At least they will buy food to feed the homeless. They won’t use your hard earned money to buy themselves more computer equipment.

    So please someone tell me one reason for giving him more money?

  129. Spud said something

    I must be honest, I feel that giving homeless people money is just a cheap excuse to not get directly involved. It is a way to get that person out of one’s face, and pretend to feel good about it. If you really feel bad for the person, give him some advice, a place to stay, help him get back on his feet. I think the problem with society today is that we all tend to think of what happens to “me”, how does this effect “me”, what do “I” stand to gain. We live in a world where not enough people are thinking about society, but themselves. I wish for once people would learn virtues such as sacrifice, and putting oneself on the line to make “our” society a better place to live in. Unfortunately, we need someone to tell us this, we can’t figure this stuff out for ourselves, we need to be told what to do. I really feel that we don’t have enough strong role models in our culture, they are there, but no one pays any attention to them. Who are the biggest role models nowadays? People like Paris Hilton and 50 Cent, telling us to forget about the welfare of others and engage in our personal desires. Decadence and hedonism are prevailing in our society, and what we don’t seem to realize is that if history has taught us anything, the reason great empires have fallen were because of self-destruction. Well anyways, I still feel that we don’t truly help each other anymore, but just try to feel good about ourselves, when what we should be doing is putting ourselves on the line, and helping others get off of the line.

  130. talltexan said something

    Right on Spud.

  131. talltexan said something

    AJ I appreciate your fined tuned ability to see the real issue, thanks. But we always should remember that if you kick a dog he can always bite you back.

  132. starkistuna said something

    hey anybody lugging a crt and pc everyday is not a bum.

    it ytakes us an aerage of 3 months to do so when we redecorate our living room.

  133. starkistuna said something

    hey anybody lugging a crt and pc everyday is not a bum.

    it takes us an average of 3 months to do so when we redecorate our living room.

  134. Usama said something

    It looks like Corey is doing some kind research, maybe he is in the movie industry?
    Actor moved on the street before acting in the movie, or maybe he is in some kind reality show? ;) How he became homeless? Why he is in NYC for 3.5 months?
    Another thing is that guys just made up this story about Corey for fun or to make money for themselves or maybe they are doing some research on the donation.
    I have a lot of questions left after reading this short article.

  135. talltexan said something

    Corey some of us actually care, some of us have worked with those who have fell on hard times, whether they were created by themselves or were victims of circumstance. Maybe Corey left a bad situation and instead of being treated unfairly he had the gonads to strike out on his own and try to make it. All anybody has to do is read up on people who have ended up being very sucessfull and wealthy and you will find that alot of them did not always exercise the common sense that Corey has engaged in. I would have to say that just because he is not out getting a degree in a worthless field he is working on the most important thing and that is learning how to deal with miscreants and others who continually try to knock him down. This guy will end up being more sucessful than most all of the negative retreads that post here, why? you ask, because he will develop that knack for working with people but will retain his humility because of his life experiences and that alone will place him head and shoulders above the rest.

  136. Armen said something

    Blogging is a great idea. I’m sure he’ll get a great deal of hits, and he can place advertisemnts on his page. A lot of online stores pay commissions for refering customers to them nowadays. Possibilies are endless, he can even design some Tshirts and sell them on his page, sign things and sell them, etc. Or whatever is more practical. At last he is a techy guy who loves being online all the time. And as far as he earns the money to buy the equipment I don’t see anything wrong with it, he just loves technology.

    Donating is good in intention but will have negetavie effects. And I don’t think that this guy needs mercy. He’s cool and he’s got his own lifestyle. If he loves technology and is looking for a (fat :) girl to love him I really wish him both. He is a charming young man helping people with their computer problems in cafes, sure he deserves love. I would certainly visit his page everyday and click on *all* the adds on it! :) I personally find him more interesting that “dot com guy” (if I remember the name correctly)

  137. JudgeSouter said something

    If Corey were gay,

    testyTexan wouldn’t care two shakes or bother to type his fake compassionate drivel here.

    Whoa, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  138. cassie said something

    I personally believe most of you are totally unfocused. Not only unfocused – I believed most of you are deluded and heartless.

    Corey is a guy who is obviously down and out. Why sit here and philosophy on why he is where he is? [You don't know - and it doesn't matter to you.]

    Why sit here and suppose what he will do if you give him money? [You don't know - a few instances cannot determine a lifelong pattern]

    Why sit here and joke about his preference in women? [Especially you gay folk, since preference is such a big tenet of YOUR argument.]

    And what ticks me off the most are these petty arguments about liberals vs. conservatives and this super-cynical attitude toward the homeless, and this futile argument about how people should feel toward gays. Where is the concern for Corey? Where is the advice that will teach this young man about where he needs to go, and what he needs to do? Where is the encouragement? [I acknowledge the few who have.]

    I’ve worked with homeless people and communities for a long time. These people are just like you in many ways – but they are in a different situation, one that is a distant cousin of Impossible to get out of. [In America, that is.] To top it off, Corey is a young man. Most guys his age, who are in college, have absolutely no idea where they want to go or do, and haven’t a clue or preparation for the morrow. Corey has been homeless for only three months. He could very well be just like his peers, and not too concerned about his future, just yet. Which is why he needs advice. Money is good, but it is temporary. Money handed with advice and a loving heart can perform miracles. [There are always exceptions.]

    And because there are always exceptions, I can’t rant forever about the stupidities that have appeared on this page. People will always argue. That’s an undeniable fact.

    I’ll step off of my [beautifully decorated] soapbox now.

    Corey, if you are reading this, listen up. Alot of things written on this page can hurt you terribly. They will. But it’s okay – you don’t have to soak it all in. There are people who care in this world, and there are those who are capable of hating a stranger. It has nothing to do with you. There are those of us out here [I almost didn't write anything, so there are many other who haven't] who really are concerned for you. I care, and I’ll pray that your situation will change. Even after I write this, there may be more hateful comments, even directed at me. But who cares? I believe there’s just something seriously wrong inside the person who says something hateful.

    [But I'm not going to pull out my soapbox for that - it's too long of a debate.]

    God Bless, and please move forward with your life – living day-to-day will not make a way. Plan, save your money, and make things happen. Even when you have just a little, save anyway. I’m serious. It adds up.


  139. jaykayess said something

    If he’s going to be a lazy bum, at least he’s cute.

  140. privatinbox said something

    i don’t get it.really.
    the man has to work for himself and sooner or later he’ll realize what he’s been doing for the past several months will eventualy ran him out. he has no artificial limbs,whatsover, that may discourage him from flexing his muscles to earn some money. c’mon guys, i’ve heard a lot of more inspiring stories that may serve as an inspiration for others.

    i heard the interviewer gave him enough money to sustain himself to find a decent job. and what did he do with the money? he bought himself a new FLAT SCREEN monitor and a new keyboard. great.

    he’s a bum.period.

  141. cassie said something

    hey privatinbox.

    how should he get a job?

    did you ever notice what goes into a job application? address, perhaps?

    how about you reply with some job suggestions that he can get without having a home address and phone number.

  142. talltexan said something

    If we just could get the queers, faggots and sexual deviants offline we could really focus on the task at hand. I am right and proud of it. We need to protect Corey from these people, I mean they are a serious threat to his saftey. Maybe someone should meet with him and set up a emergency plan just in case he is approached by these weirdos.

  143. Matt said something


    While you’re surfing around the net, do some research into bipolar disorder. There are many things that you can do to help manage it (like trying to establish a regular sleep pattern.) Trust me, once you focus on that, other goals that you have will be much easier to accomplish. Unfortunately, finding a sympathetic woman whom you love and who loves you will not be the fix to all of your problems. People are more than just resources.

    Best of luck.

  144. Tom said something


    First off he can use his money to buy a ticket to someplace that is cheaper to live than in NYC. That way he can have an address and then get a job.

    You are preaching to the choir about encouraging him, but he still has to want to help himself. That is still questionable at best. Running around spending money frivolously…yes the flat screen monitor, keyboard, and memory stick were all frivolous purchases for a homeless person. Anyone giving him money so he can still live in NYC isn’t providing him with any help. No matter how much money he is given, he still cannot afford to rent and live here. He also will not make enough money to live here even if he had a job. NYC is way too expensive. So his only answer to part of his problems is to move to a place that is more affordable.

  145. Chris Jesperson said something

    I agree with the Texan guy. Most sexual deviants are miscreants who are basically perverted from birth. The worst thing to do is let “gays” take care of straight people. Personally, I believe “gayness” is based on a mental illness caused by a lack of one or both parents in child development. Corey, please find a job and relieve the burden on society that poverty has become. I know you can do anything you set your mind to. Good luck!!!


  146. Hampton said something


    This comment stream has turned disgusting.

    TallTex, you talk about many things you know nothing about.

    You believe that the homeless kid I helped slept with one eye open? He was kicked out of his house because he was gay. I am as young as he is. My partner is even younger. We nice normal guys. [Here's the part where you say we can't be normal because we're perverts.]

    I don’t know how many homeless people you’ve taken a chance with and let live in your home. But here’s one liberal who helps people.

    How dare you judge me before you know me or ask any questions.

    And let me save you the time of having to answer. I’ll just write what you will say for you, so you can keep up your schedule.

    [Perverts like you are selfish and can't do anything for other people. You wanted to dirty him and yadda yadda, sin sin sin]

    I just feel dirty about all of this. Who are you people? I am not going to judge your life. Maybe you have spent it helping homeless. Maybe you save starving Africans. Good for you. I bet you are a good person at home and I will never judge you the way you have judged me.

    Judging is only for God.

    And I’m sure you believe that. So don’t be such a hypocrit.

    AND one last bit of my rant for Chris Jesperson. I spent many years of my life in Christian healing ministries trying to not be attracted to men. I gave my life to God to try and take away the feelings. I am a good guy. Always have been. I used to cry at night and ask God to make me better. Well, He didn’t answer. So either God is cruel or maybe you are a little off.


  147. d.l. said something

    I work at a Starbuck’s in a small town in Central California. we have an increible amount of homeless guys who hang out around our store.(I think the bay area busses them here.) Anyway, wee had an old guy just like this. He lived out of an old car and lugged around an old, dirty pc. Piece by piece he would bring this relic in and steal broadband all day. And yes while t-mobile slowly overtakes the world from within starbucks’, there are tons of open wireless ports about. Hell, if our Hicktown had one, there are plenty in NYC. On a light note(evil pun pirate laughter) you did exactly what your job in customer service should compel you to do. You added a bright spot in a grey day. If new equipment made him happier than a ticket home would, be glad he got it. No matter what kind of bullshit he endures through his day, he still has a great memory of how good some people can choose to be. congratulations on an unselfish act. allow it to remain that way

  148. pmc said something

    Bah! You people are very humourus. And quite uneducated. Also, you believe that Corey posted her? Do you realize how easy it is to lie about who you are here? I was thinking about posting here as Corey, but ultimately decided against it, so as to not do harm to Corey. Society’s average person sure has become much more gullibly stupid…

  149. chris said something

    Some of you people make me fucking sick. This is a simple story about a guy who’s down on his luck who had a clever idea. It’s about me trying to do something nioce, and getting a cool slap of reality. Read it, wish him luck, give him advice, but keep your fucking uninformed judgements to yourself.

    Texan, you are a fucking homophobe, and an asshole, and have made yourself look rediculous. The only reason I have not deleted all your posts is because I want people to see what a dick you are for years to come…

    But here’s the best part. This is my website, so cut the shit, or you’ll be banned. Enough is enough.

  150. tom said something

    chris my advice for him is to get off his lazy ass and do something about it
    you gave the dude money for food and he bought more shit that he dont’s need hes a junkey all hes talking about is women what dose he whant to do if he finds her take her back to his place oh wait he dosein have one i would like to know what kind of schooling he has cause i know dudes who drop out of high school and has a house and a car and a job his mom or dad must not like him letting him live on the strees like that and he could get a job if aliens can get one he could get one to most ppl whont check to see
    if you uesed a real address hes in ny you know how many abaned house there is

  151. Armen said something

    This is a simple story about a guy It’s about me trying to do something nioce, and getting a cool slap of reality.

    Some of it was about you being nice, and the rest, well, was about having an attractive story interviewing this charming guy bringing visitors to your site. I haven’t checked but I would guess this story has one of the largest comments associated with it.

  152. talltexan said something

    I’ll respond to you first, don’t make me jap slap you. You cannot keep me off if you wanted to and you know it so shut and sit down or I’ll take you out of the classroom and beat the tar out of you.

  153. talltexan said something

    To all blog monkeys,
    Chris’ attempt to stifle the conversation is another example of intolerance by the lib left, as long as you go with the flow your “allowed” to participate if you raise a voice of dissent, they will attempt to shut you down, this is why the lib media is losing their share of the market everyday.

  154. talltexan said something

    If really cared about this fellow you self centered ideologe you would devote some of your talents in helping this guy set up a web page or blog along with PayPal where he could express himself and feel good about himself, I mean thats what you do so being the lib you are it only seems logical that with your big compasionate heart you would be willing to actually sacrifice you time(instead of throwing money at it) to help this man get on his feet. I mean you have already confessed to the world that you try to buy him off by sending him out of town. I guess you just did not want to seem him anymore when you bought your latte. Your guilt caused you to bribe him to leave, I mean it is hard to enjoy spending $5.00 on a cup of coffee that you could of made at the house for about .25 and then look into they eyes of someone like Corey.

  155. takoda said something

    He hasn’t left … matter of fact, I saw him Thursday or Friday at the Starbucks on Madison and 41st … Ironically, I just told someone about this over the weekend. Now I see an article on him … doesn’t get any stranger than that?!?!?!

  156. Rick said something

    Ik geloof hier helemaal niets van.

    it is a fake!

  157. talltexan said something

    You are a very misquided youth. Allow me to comment on your comments.

    1.We nice normal guys.
    First off you are not normal you know that, that is why you sought help.

    2. I am a good guy.
    You are not a good guy. The bible says there is none good no not one. You are a liar. You think more highly of yourself than youy ought to think. THIS IS THE ROOT OF YOUR PROBLEM, IT IS NOT YOUR HOMOSEXUALITY IT IS THE FACT THAT YOU BELEIVE YOU ARE OK. PRIDE (GAY PRIDE)

    3. I just feel dirty about all of this.
    You should feel dirty about the way your are living, you know in your heart your not doing right.

    4. Judging is only for God.
    You are wrong again. The bible says the saints of God will judge the world. It also says to judge righteous judgement, that means to discern from evil and good, the Bible makes it clear that men laying with men and women laying with women is a sin in God’s eyes. Now if you attend some modernistic lib. church where the pastor is a queer you will not here that being said.

    5. I used to cry at night and ask God to make me better. Well, He didn’t answer.
    My friend God did not promise to take away your ungodly desires but he promised that if you confessed your sins and repented he would save you and give you the grace of God so you would not have to GIVE IN TO YOUR FLESH. There is help with the Lord but you have to come his way. “Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish”, “Neither is their salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved”.

  158. chris said something


    You are now banned. Not for dissent, not for “not going with the flow”, not for being a wanna-be toughguy Texan sitting back behind the safety of your monitor. You just got banned because you are a verbal gay basher, and I can’t tolerate that on MY website. We’ve got people here who want to voice their opinion, you included, and you should be allowed. But personal hateful attacks of this nature will not be tolerated. Your opinions about homosexuality are completely unacceptable, and I don’t care what you think your god says about it.

    Here’s what we say: Go fuck yourself. Don’t come back. You are not wanted here. You are not tough, or scary, or smart, or respected. You are the worst kind of wannabe bully, the kind that acts tough and controversial behind the mask of internet annonymity, and most likely (statistically speaking) probably gay yourself.

    This whole post is getting out of hand, in general, and I am close to closing the thing down. For now, at least, we’ll just shut you down.

    Bye bye douchbag.

    So everyone understands, I also debated seriously about whether or not to take all of Texan’s posts down, but chose to keep them up so people can see what an uninformed, redneck, dick he is first hand. I think it’s better this way.

    Texan, if you’ve got a problem with any of this, feel free to contact me directly… or stop by, I’d love to say hello.

    Waiting patiently for the “jap slap”,


  159. Jrat said something

    What I wanna know is where he got such a good deal on a LCD monitor. 50 Bux?!?!

  160. murphy said something

    nerd report – 4/4/05
    9:58 am
    absent – nerd and black tech support nerd are not present at this time.

    i felt bad hearing his story, being down on his luck and just wanting to get home. sorry to hear he didn’t use the money you gave him for what he said he “needed” if for. this is exactly why i rarely, if ever, give money to anyone on the street with a sob story. it sucks he’s homeless – but fuck him…

  161. Hampton said something

    Alright, Tex. I’m going to finish you up.

    You made a major logical error.

    If I am gay because I am proud of being gay. First of all you’re putting the horse before the cart. I wasn’t 12 and then instantly became proud of something I wasn’t yet.

    Secondly, you then say that I knew it was wrong naturally… well, if I did that, then that directly violates your first thing that being gay comes from being proud of being gay.

    I’m done.

  162. matt said something

    This is not a fake.

    And I just checked at Starbucks and he has not been in all day. He has left town.

  163. Winter said something

    I’m starting to believe that this story is not a fake, which then introduces another problem. Everyone is calling Corey “The Starbucks Guy”, but I’m the original “Starbucks Guy”, a name used to describe me because of my project to visit all the Starbucks in the world. Granted, “Starbucks Guy” is not the most creative of names, but I’m still feeling a little jealous here.

  164. sb said something

    Corey, ok dude, didn’t know if that was true or not about the dog, glad to here it’s not.
    Eventually you will build your self esteem back up and you will want to take charge of your life again. Not to say that you’re not in charge of it now. You’ve unplugged yourself from society in general in order to not have any master, to follow your own path. But just like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider you’ll come to realize that freedom isn’t what you think. It’s better to be a part of something. The only real meaning in our lives is found in the relationships between ourselves and others. Like Einstein said, it’s all relative.

  165. christa said something

    this is stupid. all of it.

  166. Danny said something

    wow corys pretty smart to recondition an old computer i hope he finds the girl of his dreams and really what wrong with you guys fighting in a comment thing calme down why would you guys care if someoen has a diffrent opion (i cant spell) anyway does anyone know ware i cand contact cory

  167. Armen said something

    sounds fake to me! :)

  168. Tim said something

    Hey, Chris. Look at it this way… I believe this post has actually generated more commentary and activity than your excellent chronicling of the fine Augustina/Keyra (aka best *** in the world) news from December. There is a remote chance that this is vague and circumstantial evidence that people actually care more about societal issues than some chick’s butt.

    How’s that for positivity?

    Of course numa-numa guy got 101 comments. Hmm. Like I said, vague. circumstantial. remote. Ah well.

    To some an inspiration to others a warning…. all life at least serves a purpose.

    O.k… now that was positivity.

  169. Chris Jesperson said something

    Since when was it the policy of liberals to condemn free speech? Tall texan has the right to say what he wants. You call it hate speech. Well your speech is full of hate especially when you said “go fuck yourself”. Personally, I think Chris is a major hypocrite and just doesn’t know how to react. I hate liberals who don’t follow the tolerate stance even when it comes to gays being judged. BTW, go back to school Chris. You need to learn proper manners.

    -Chris J.

  170. Chris Jesperson said something

    Liberals are the worst pansies who believe in tolerance for all except Christians. You guys are major hypocrites.

    Read Chris’s quote to see my point:

    Here’s what we say: Go fuck yourself. Don’t come back. You are not wanted here. You are not tough, or scary, or smart, or respected. You are the worst kind of wannabe bully, the kind that acts tough and controversial behind the mask of internet annonymity, and most likely (statistically speaking) probably gay yourself.

    End quote…

    You sir are a dumbass…


    Christian Jesperson
    Christian Fundamentalist
    Read the books of Exodus and Leviticus…

  171. Chris Jesperson said something

    Liberals are the worst pansies who believe in tolerance for all except Christians. You guys are major hypocrites.

    Read Chris’s quote to see my point:

    Here’s what we say: Go fuck yourself. Don’t come back. You are not wanted here. You are not tough, or scary, or smart, or respected. You are the worst kind of wannabe bully, the kind that acts tough and controversial behind the mask of internet annonymity, and most likely (statistically speaking) probably gay yourself.

    End quote…

    You sir are a dumbass…


    Christian Jesperson
    Christian Fundamentalist
    Read the books of Exodus and Leviticus…

  172. Chris Jesperson said something

    Tom you sir need an education…
    You type like a blind monkey.

    chris my advice for him is to get off his lazy ass and do something about it
    you gave the dude money for food and he bought more shit that he dont’s need hes a junkey all hes talking about is women what dose he whant to do if he finds her take her back to his place oh wait he dosein have one i would like to know what kind of schooling he has cause i know dudes who drop out of high school and has a house and a car and a job his mom or dad must not like him letting him live on the strees like that and he could get a job if aliens can get one he could get one to most ppl whont check to see
    if you uesed a real address hes in ny you know how many abaned house there is

    by tom on Apr 4 @ 5:23AM


  173. David said something

    Fake or not, I enjoyed the read. Thanks.

  174. Armen said something

    wow corys pretty smart to recondition an old computer i hope he finds the girl of his dreams and really what wrong with you guys fighting in a comment thing calmeopion (i cant spell) anyway does anyone know ware i cand contact cory

    I meant this (quoted) looked fake :) it looks odd to me that someone can spell ‘recondition’ or ‘comment’ but not for example ‘opinion’ or ‘can’.

  175. roger said something

    my advice to corey is to join the army

  176. Armen said something

    Army? :/ boooo …. I wouldn’t recommend that. He’s not the sort (which is a good thing in my opinion). The last thing Corey needs is seeing his friend’s body ripped apart by a blast in front of his eyes, or having to shoot another inoccent young man (an enemy soldier, an inoccent man like him) just because he is ordered to. He needs to somehow earn money keeping his techy style. He helps people in solving their computer problems, reconditions an old computer. He can find a way to make money online. Does anyone know how we can contact him online?

  177. Stiev said something

    Hey talltexan and chris j.,
    while i am on the same side of the debate with you, there’s one thing that i have come to learn- you can’t beat people into the kingdom of heaven. basically, you’ll get further by showing them love and kindness than yelling and insulting. remember: hate the sin, not the person. these people that oppose our side here are not mean people, simply misguided. kill ‘em with kindness, they’ll turn around eventually. and what will help them turn around is the power of prayer. i’m not saying that you should accept these people, but tolerate them enough to be kind to them and show them the errors of their ways (nicely). remember- keep your friends close, but your enemies closer (the godfather)

  178. richard whitely said something

    Hello, hello, hello!

    I seem to be logged out!!

  179. Winter said something

    I keep debating back and forth whether this is a fake or not. Can somebody take a digital camera and find Corey, then take a picture of him and his LCD screen AS HE IS posting to the site, so we can see if he is in fact the person posting? I find this thread fascinating, IF it is real–but if it’s fake it’s just a waste of my time.

  180. cassie said something

    stiev, you are a champ.

    you said what i wanted to say, nicely. [i couldn't find the words...]

    and like i said before – people will always argue and rarely agree. it’s futile to browbeat people into a way of thinking.

    oh – before i forget – hampton, your last statement’s logic wasn’t clear. want to try again?


  181. Tim said something

    Oh man. Why won’t you people go back to whatever political/evangelical forum you came out of. You do realize you are currently lost on the internet super-highway don’t you? Do not be afraid to stop and ask for directions. Seriously. You’ve embarrassed my political party and that’s one thing… I can accept that but try not to ruin the only blog I bother to read. Go back to your dull lives on whatever dusty forum board from whence you came.

  182. SBUXMGR said something

    I’m not going to get all involved in the social implications of Corey, but I can verify most of the facts in the original article & give you a little update on Corey.

    I am actually the Manager of the Starbucks where Corey was living for the last couple weeks. He came in one day with a desktop computer & a full sized monitor. He picked up some wi-fi signal & started doing whatever it is he did all day (mostly chatting from what I saw).

    We don’t throw people out unless they are being offensive or bothering other guests. On Madison Ave quite a few of our guests are a bit uptight & some of them made comments about him, but Corey was always polite, respectful & charming. He was smart & well spoken & confident. People sat with him all the time while he helped them with computer problems or just talked. Apparently, some of them gave him money, though I never saw him ask for it. At the end of the night, we gave him (& a few other homeless people) leftover food that we otherwise would’ve thrown away.

    On Sunday Corey told us someone had bought him a bus ticket somewhere. It may have been Upstate. I had talked to him about leaving the City to go somewhere easier & I hope he found somewhere like that.

    In the afternoon he packed up his shopping cart & headed out. We haven’t seen or heard from him since.

    I don’t know what will happen to him, but I hope he does well. He’s obviously got a lot of skill & talent. I hope he decides what will make him a whole person & give him fulfillment & that he eventually figures out how to get it.

    Good luck Corey!

  183. SBUXMGR said something

    Oh, by the way, I DID offer him a job application partly out of curiosity & partly because I thought he might actually be able to work with us & get back on track. he was certainly personable enough

    One of my Baristas asked him about it a while later & got a 10 minute explanation why it wasn’t the right thing for him right now.

    Not that I have any problem with that. Not everyone belongs behind a Starbucks counter & I certainly don’t fault anyone who doesn’t want to be there. But I thought some of you who asked why he couldn’t just get a job anywhere might be interested to know that.

  184. stiev said something

    tim, i seriously hope you don’t think that i was aiming at you. and for the record, i came here from a tech site in order to follow up on a news story about a homeless person getting free wi-fi. as for being lost on the internet? hardly. i’m not going to argue the points, but i am aware of where i am and what i am doing.
    oh, and this may not apply to you, but calling others close minded for not seeing your view and at the same time not taking the time to see their view is close minded in itself… don’t just think of your own position as the open minded one if you aren’t seeing all points of view

  185. david emanuel said something

    The sad thing about this — either way, joke or not — is the plethora of comments neglecting and discounting the Economic, Political, Societal, and Cultural aspects of Homelessness.

    Many seem to need or want to believe there must be something inherently wrong with “Corey”. He must be disturbed, mentally-ill, lazy, stupid, lost-and-confused, etc.

    Such is the prevalent attitude of the overwhelming majority of Americans (and sadly most people who have a so-called “life”, as in the pejorative and ugly sentiment, “get a life”): If you’re poor, homeless, single, or jobless (or any combination thereof) there is something wrong with you.


    That’s what our vaunted Public School System, “Family Values”, Television, and Pop Culture have wrought: A plethora of brain-dead and coldhearted people.

    And a cultural imperative which demands you be a coupled capitalist-slave to have any personal and interpersonal “legitimacy”.

    The greatest message I took from this little experiment (fiction or non-fiction) is the fact that the statement that “Corey” would be “Rich” if he found a female of the species who could accept him as-is is profoundly accurate and true.

    We base “love” on virtually everything and anything but the person inside the outward appearances, material possessions, and financial statements.

    Love is — and probably always has been — relegated to a business proposition like any other. Complete with contracts, agreements, clauses, and golden parachutes.

    The truth of the matter is, the most insightful comment of all read as follows: We’re all going to be like this in five years.

    Rome is indeed burning, but we’re too busy exploiting and consuming the world’s resources (human, non-human, inanimate, environmental, and atmospheric) and mourning and picking Popes.

    “Corey”, I am you and you are me.

    In the end, we are all “Corey”.

  186. Imani1968 said something

    Since I stumbled upon this blog a few nights ago, via a link in a Belgian newspaper, I’ve been following the comments with great interest. First of all, I don’t think that the original “article” (written by Chris) was a journalistic masterpiece. It went not deep enough…so judging Corey and his actions was extremely difficult to begin with; we hadn’t enough details. Yet, I am wondering if we are ever allowed to judge people in an instant. Regretfully, we often do…

    I don’t care if this story is fake or not: it’s commenting something or someone you know little about that I find interesting. None of you know this person Corey personally, haven’t sit down with him to commence a real conversation…and you all seem to know what is best for him! SBUXMGR gave a little more information, and if we can believe him, he heard it at first hand. SBUXMGR was one of the most tolerant towards Corey (imho).

    The question that keeps me busy, is: Who is Corey harming? He doesn’t seem to be all that unhappy about his situation, so he’s not doing himself any wrong. He’s not taking advantage of people (like living on wellfare or asking for money), so he’s not bothering others. (Besides a few bloggers, but THEY chose to interfere, not Corey. If he annoys you, just stop reading this blog.).

    To me it just seems that Corey is doing whatever suits him best in this phase of his life and if that’s okay for him, it’s okay for me.

    I won’t go in to all the comments that have drifted away from the original subject, but there is one thing in general I would like to say: Please watch your language! (Like a majority of people, I learned English all by myself.)


  187. ugh said something

    followed this link from a friend and now i’m frustrated and depressed. i don’t consider myself liberal or anything but agnostic. people disagree on homosexuality, and i could care less, even though i’m gay myself. some people have a god that seems to tell them it is wrong. it also tells them eating shrimp is wrong but they probably do that – whatever. what i hate is when intolerant people yell about not being “tolerated” by liberals. (why won’t you tolerate my intolerance??? hypocrite!!). the circuitous logic is frustrating in itself, but the fact that this has become a widespread tactic that goes largely unchallenged just drives me nuts. i’m not a “liberal” – for the record i don’t even find corey interesting – he’s just another person doing his thing. but creating an atmosphere of “tolerance” requires eschewing “intolerance” (du-u-uh- it’s not fucking brain surgery). anyone who tries to run with that and turn it around is just rationalizing/doublespeaking (heads up – one of satan’s favorite tricks). go ahead and argue about what qualifies as intolerance, but hate speech is damaging and therefore qualifies in any reasonable person’s book. can someone with more patience flesh this out? i’m getting out of here.

  188. cassie said something

    I am happy to hear from SBUXMGR the news on Corey.

    ….And I am happy to see Corey’s image set right [given a more rounded view].

    …And once again, good luck in life, Corey!

  189. DAEMON said something

    You can do one of three things:

    1.) Do nothing really, besides passing some philosophical comments here.

    2.) Help him out by figuring what kind of job will be right for someone like him.. where he can use his hobby to earn some cash


    3.) Take away his computer, free parking space, bandwidth and other assorted equipment thats made him sit/sleep on his ass all day. That’ll be incentive enough for him to find a job … any job and earn his way back to his hobby, so he can buy him self some computer equipment, an internet connection and place to put it all.. and also maybe take his ‘BIG’ chick out for some 5$ Starbucks coffee. :P

  190. K said something

    To Corey and others out there is a similar situation:

    I just want to let you know that if you want support from others in your situation there are resources. I can imagine how difficult things can be at times. I am a Social Worker who works with homeless individuals in NYC, many of whom also carry a mental health diagnosis. Here are a few resources that you might find useful:

    1. CUCS: (212) 801-3300. If you are interested in learning about housing in New York City that is specific for individuals who carry a mental health diagnosis ask to speak to a Housing Consultant who can send you the application (HRA 2000) and walk you through the process. There is a real shortage of affordable housing in NYC, so expect a wait.

    2. LIFENET: 1-800-LIFENET (543-3638). A citywide mental health referral hotline that is available 24hrs / 7 days a week. They are also available to you if you feel suicidal and want someone to speak with. Lifenet is able to connect you with mobile crisis, but you should seriously consider calling 911 in an emergency. Lifenet is part of the Mental Health Association

    3. Suicide Prevention Hotline: (212) 673-3000

    4. NAMI NYC Helpline: (212) 684-3264. Mental health resources. NAMI is an amazing organization that supports and advocates for individuals who carry mental health diagnoses.

    5. Self-Help Source: (888) 230-6138. For self-help groups statewide and all kinds of other resources.

    6. Homeless drop-in Centers in NYC:
    These differ from shelters in that they are smaller, often safer (as reported by many of my clients), but unfortunately do not provide beds (we have chairs for people to sleep on). I work in one of these programs. We offer showers, 3 meals a day, medical, nursing and psychiatric services, vocational services, substance abuse services, housing assistance, in-house banking, community voice mail, and lockers. You may find it preferable to the shelter you previously stayed at in which your computer was stolen.
    a. Grand Central Neighborhood
    145 East 43rd Street
    NY, NY 10017
    b. John Heuss House
    42 Beaver Street
    NY, NY 10004
    c. Olivieri Center for Women – women only
    257 West 30th Street
    NY, NY 10001
    d. The Open Door
    402 West 41st Street
    NY, NY 10036
    e. Neighborhood Center for Homeless People
    237 East 77th Street
    NY, NY 10028
    f. Peter’s Place
    123 West 23rd Street
    NY, NY 10011
    g. Project Rescue
    315 Bowery
    NY, NY 10003
    7. Government agencies dealing with homelessness and mental health:
    a. Department of Homeless Services (NYC): Services
    b. NYS Office of Mental Health:
    c. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC):

  191. Sage009 said something

    This guy is my GOD.

    I have no idea why religion and sexual preferences came into commentary about Corey, but apparently, nobody knows when to shut up and stay ON the topic originally being discussed.

    As for Corey, I hope he’s found a new Starbucks to hang out at and make more money off of random strangers asking for his expertise.

  192. Clamwacker said something

    If I ever have the chance to be relieved of responsibilities, jaded dreams, and desire for affluence, I am definitely going to give this a try.

    This is so Zen, it almost degrades it to use the term.

  193. Bozo Faust said something

    This guy reminds me of me when i was homeless in San Francisco in ’79. I had stashed my Apple II in Sean’s loft and went there daily to program CyberMind then went out in the city to graze on leftovers at local restaurant tables. The pickings were good :) Some people who are homeless are in that situation by choice. With me it was the creation of CyberMind and all i needed for that was a place to put my computer. Corey has his priorities as well. I respect them.

  194. NRA30.06 said something

    No one get it he’s a con man he is willing to live off of other people .

  195. yO!!!!!!!!! I DONT HAVE A NAME SUCKA said something


  196. Jonathan said something

    lol seriously.

  197. Ms. Luna said something

    I enjoyed the read.

    Thank You for sharing. :)

  198. Adrian said something

    Confidential to Corey: Las Vegas has a Kinkos with its _very own_ Starbucks inside. You can’t lose :)

  199. Lilith70 said something

    Just so’s y’all know…

    Not all Texans are assholes – sorry for the ones that showed up, that’s why I left.

    Also, after extensive research, I’ve come to the conclusion that Bipolarity (especially Type I) is a form of schizophrenia and cannot be controlled without poorly-researched medication. One of the most major markers of Bipolar Disorder is the complete INABILITY to control money (not “irresponsibility with”). I noticed in Dallas, Texas, that at least a third of the homeless (before Laura Miller made being homeless illegal) were Bipolar, including one that was taken in by an acquaintance. He lasted about four months before his “in the now” perception nearly cost someone a life. Does he need drugs? Hell, yes, he does, but he can’t afford the good ones that don’t have horrible side-effects, and the MHMR only provides the “tried and trues” (i.e. that don’t work well without a ton of other medications to balance them out).

    I see a lot of judgment being thrown around, and a lot of conclusions being drawn where there simply isn’t that much material to work with. It’s amazing the levels some “religious folk” will stoop to so that they can point the “yucky finger” at people when the whole point of spirituality is to love unconditionally. (That means, “without conditions” – no expectations, no disappointments, no riders, no judgment, just acceptance.)

    Good luck figuring all this out. It’s not a simple problem, nor will it have a simple solution. Interesting that there’s so much talk generated over it, though… could there be a desire to accomplish a solution…?

    At this rate, the world may never know.

  200. webwhore said something

    I think this is a kid making the best of his situation. And instead of being a down and out cunt and hitting the bottle or robbing people. He is doing what he normally would be doing if his situation was better, which is surf the web all the time and use technology. He has some obstacles to over come, but hes on the right track being clean and all. What he should really do is apply for school use a friends address or something, then get financial aid , move into a dorm and get an education. I mean there alot of slackers out there right now that can’t find jobs or can’t make the money they want so they are in school instead. I hope he reads this post and gets his ass into college. And if he doesn’t have his high school diploma then he can go camp outside a community college and get his ged, then go to college.

  201. Jon said something

    I hope he finds a home…

  202. ttinker said something

    I’m a down and guy who lost his job and got a grant to go back to school, but no money for room and board. I had to move back in with my mom, and bcz my grant only covers tuition for 2 years, I have to go to school full time, and with my major, I have at least 40 hours of schoolwork outside of classes every week. A few weeks ago, my savings ran out, and my mom isn’t independently wealthy, so she can’t afford to pay my bills for me…so I was on the verge of having to drop out of school (despite my impending graduation in less than 2 months). In my desperation, I finally stooped to asking for help from other people, and ended up so now my synagogue is paying my bills until I graduate. If Corey can find a church where he can shower, I’m sure the place has similar outreach, or knows of some organization that does. If they find out his situation, they might even take the time to go out of their way to FIND a way to help him that fits his specific needs. I’m glad K posted the stuff about organizations that are specifically designed to help people in the NYC area. There is help out there, if you’re willing to put up with the pride-bruising of asking and letting someone help you. Corey, imagine you’re in a position someday where you can help someone who’s in your situation right now. Would you? Would you hold it against them, or think badly of them? Sometimes things go badly, and you hit bottom, and end up bumping along the bottom. If you want your situation to improve, let somebody help you out. If you’re enjoying the life you’re leading, I guess I’m happy for you. :-D

  203. five-ohm said something

    Some people dont really like to work. God bless them I guess. I mean if they are happy in the situation they are. He is just playing the lottery just like everyone else does. He doesn’t having the immediate needs we have like house, car, xbox. I have a cousin living in my garage that dont like working (side note: i think he has a slight mental illness as well, but he wont admit it). He earns extra cash by paintintg houses or tearing down fences.

    I thought about begging for money out on the streets, I don’t know how though. I thought about going the honest route. “Need money to go to Viet Nam”

    Hey if anyone is feeling generous, how about throwing me a couple extra bucks to have fun in Viet Nam (Im going in a couple months to see my wife)

  204. Pete said something

    Best of luck to you Corey..keep it real.

  205. bsrat said something

    funny thing is i know this guy.
    i work at the manhattan new york public library, and one time he asked me if he could use one of the public monitors to hook up to his PC, then i realized what he was, but unfortunately i had to say no, because that was the rule.
    few days passed, i saw him again with the big monitor set up on one of the public desks. it was very sad.
    then again, i saw in starbucks shop a block down when i was passing by.
    i found it amazing that his story showed up on the internet.
    this last year or two, i have been more aware of homeless people, and i have to say it is very scarey and big suffering.
    last thing you ever want to befall you. homelessness is powerfully frightening.

  206. radikal_bob said something

    does anyone notice that he is flipping us all off?

  207. WayWayTOOmuch said something

    all of you have entirely WAY too much FREE time

  208. Armen said something

    Just wanted to check and see if there was any news about him here. Wishing you the best Corey.

  209. Jonnyweb said something

    I think, personally, and I don’t really care if anyone else gives a shit, that we are all a bunch of people living on an artificial globe that we have created to support six and a half billion people with money and resources that this planet cannot produce. Someone trying to live on this planet through the generosity of someone else is nothing new, it’s been going on for thousands of years. Perhaps this guy isn’t even a freeloader, I’ve read some people’s comments that suggest he’s mentally ill. There are lots of people that are mentally ill, Everyone has problems to one extent or another. I find it rather amusing the extent to which some people would go to label someone else, instead of admittitng that they have problems as well. It’s difficult enough to exist on this globe without intentionally trying to paint someone into a corner. Anyone with common sense knows that life can sometimes be unpleasant, and that all of you who have been fortunate enough to not deal with a bad situation,you are in for one horrible surprise. I could detail all kinds of bad bullshit that I’ve been through, but in the end it’s just life. Another thing that I’ve learned in my 37 years around this globe, is that no-one really gives a shit unless it serves their own purposes. So rock on with your personal political agenda, have a nice day.

  210. sivu said something

    Corey is realy happy.Because he is realy free.Free of obligations free of duty of responsability. I hope will have the ocassion to try this out. Corey is LIFE. He is intresting. Leave him alone. Dont have the right to judge him.
    Or are you gelos????

  211. krotch said something

    I think the guy should sell his laptop on ebay. I’mm sure a bunch of stupid ppl out there would want “The Starbucks Guy’s” laptop. Then he can use that cash and buy a better laptop with built-in wifi and a working LCD.

  212. Mike said something

    1. I love Texans, none of them are sane.
    2. Corey, good luck dude,whatever you do.
    3. “judge not lest ye be judged” (I am NOT a ‘bible humper’["T" dropped deliberately] it’s just good advice.)it’s much easier to be happy by not frustrating yourself over the behavior/actions of others.
    Chris, you did a kind thing, your stony heart was in the right place. I actually found this blog on an (official?) scarbutts gossip site
    Finally if I felt like I could rely on providence, drop EVERYTHING and just travel, I wouldnt hesitate.

  213. Substance said something

    this guy will now become famous.

    oprah will want him on her show to discuss his bum life. and after that..he will be filthy rich sharing his story and courage.


  214. Pete said something

    Cheers Chris from Downunder. Glad to you pissed off that redneck Texan. He deserves all the abuse one can throw at the biggoted arsehole!
    Here in Australia his rantings would do nothing to have us believe all Texans were not the same. Actually we know they are not like “Talltexan” the wanker latent homosexual.

    To Corey, hang in there dude you are a legend now!Take Krotch’s advice and flog the laptop on eBay. Beleive it or not you are now a personality on the web and Golden Casino or whatever they are called would pay heaps for your lappie and story.

    All the best Corey from the land of kangaroos and much better coffee than you Yanks can make. I could not even get a decent cup in Little Italy in Chicago muchless in California as well when I was there a couple of years ago.



    A Land Down Under

  215. luka the lovegod said something

    go fuck yourselves

  216. Andy said something

    Fuck all you motherfuckers. Fuck you! Fuck you! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. Pete said something

    luka the lovegod and Andy two more mindless rednecks or just brain dead idiots? Either way it is not hard to work out their mental capacity!

  218. b-ron said something


    Nice to see you reading Kerouac.

    May I suggest some Charles Bukowski:

    “War All the Time” “Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit” “Septuagenarian Stew: Stories and Poems” or “Run With the Hunted”.

    Go get some Saroyan as well (“The Daring Young Man on the…”).

    I am 28 years old with family, a cush job, automobile, ipod, etc. But only in my wildest dreams do I spend my days in the libraries and cafes and my nights sleeping where I can.

    There is something terrible going on: PEOPLE CANNOT DO WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO. I encourage you to continue doing WHAT YOU CAN Corey. God bless.

    PS: Tell those fuckers at Kinkos I say “Fuck You”.

  219. talltexan said something

    You know you love me.

  220. talltexan said something

    You are still a mindless puke whose defense of the slime of this country makes decent people sick. I am not talking about Corey but about the ungodly, dirty, fithly, deviant creatures that call themselves homosexuals. People that attempt to justify wickedness are bad, you do not posses the ability to make a right or wrong call because is the case with most libs and freaks they have no absolutes, this is the product of engineered education. People who reject Jesus Christ die and go to hell.

  221. dan said something

    haha yes! everyone should try to piss off some texans. its not a challenge, they make it so easy!

  222. Pete said something

    Talltexan are you afraid of homosexuals because your head is so far up your arse you are worried it might get pushed up further?

    The reason I beleive your head is up your arse is simply due to the amount of shit you come out with!

  223. Pete said something

    Talltexan, “Sex is the most intimate, beautiful and natural experience that money can buy” as your mother tells her clients.

    “Some people cause happiness wherever they go; some cause it whenever they go.”

    “Americans have different ways of saying things. They say `elevator’,
    we say `lift’…they say `President’, we say `stupid psychopathic
    git’….” — Alexi Sayle

  224. U-boot said something

    Telewizory lcd

  225. pieski said something

    I like Your site

  226. Steve said something

    Anyone know how to email Corey? I may be able to help him with parts.


  227. Britpack said something

    After 7/7 I hope i’m never in the same tube carriage as talltexan.

  228. Doktor said something

    Fascinating story. Reminds me of Gibson’s “Idoru”.

    One question: Why is it, that people that cease to do what is called “work” are outside of society?

    Arm the homeless!!

  229. Casey said something

    Im a few weeks away from doing the same thing :P Im selling off my computer and my few possesions, Getting a laptop and hitting the road with $400. Really… Iam :)

    Not sure why…

  230. Paul said something

    I am very disturbed to by the statement in regard to drop in centers in New York City … but unfortunately do not provide beds (we have chairs for people to sleep on). Even convicted felons on Death Row get a bed. What kind of chairs are they? Can clients lay across several of them? Can they rest their head on a table while sleeping on a chair?

  231. Payton said something

    Please keep in mind the joy of giving is in that – the giving. It is not important if the reciever used the gift in the way it was intended. Thank you for helping this young man. Leave it at that.

  232. mitchell said something

    right………..y dint thi sguy sell the pc and go on home……..?!?!?!?

  233. Rick James said something

    You should have off-loaded that $130 Sony MiniDV cam on him for $50!! He could have used it as a webcam to meet some of those BBWs instead of pushing his shopping cart to his next date. Dude, you missed a golden opportunity to cut part of your loss here!

  234. Erik Johnson said something

    Read more about Michael Savage at my blog


  235. Paul said something

    Who are you to judge this guy? I mean… You’re no different, really… Do you want to know why?

    Because of Death.

    Someday, you, him, and I, along with everyone else… Are going to be dead, rotting in the same ground, and no better than the other.

  236. Grant Lee said something

    Maybe he wasn’t really homeless.

    He just got money off of you and bought stuff.

  237. CHRISTY said something

    gotta love it!

  238. Gregory said something

    He’s Legit, is that the right word

    He spends all day in the penrose library. Chatting on Yahoo and talking on his pre paid Flip cell phone, that’s lacking the flip part. even the head set is taped together. He did teach me how to access the Web from the computers that are supposedly not internet accessable.

    Why would someone leave New york only to end up homeless in Colorado Springs of all places?

  239. Cu Chunx said something

    I saw Corey at the Sixteenth Street mall in Denver two days ago. Same lifestyle. He has threatened a person I know (not with violence, but big trouble) for really goofy reasons. Today he tried to get hold of this person by getting someone else to call, I could hear him whispering, telling her what to say because I answered the phone.

  240. Tee said something

    He is a fraud. He came to IL to meet some female. All of a sudden he had $100. That was before he met me. He claimed she ran away. But before we met he told me he had a laptop and just the day before we met June 21, 2006 it was stolen he says but after reading this that wasn’t true. So we me and when I found out he was lying to me he stole my purse from out my car while I was at work. Then sold want was in it. To get back to New York he calls and tells me. So for all I know he is there or anywhere and that was as of Sept 4.

  241. Jesse said something

    its not how we die “PAUL”….its how we live that gives us value!

  242. Negative calorie said something

    Damn, you guys have way too much time on your hands.

    >its not how we die “PAUL”….its how we live that gives us value!

    Best comment here!

  243. Neutral calorie said something

    the bible? really? you mean that big outdated, contradictory book which is technically no more valid than the Q’uran (Koran, whatever), in that they both claim “divine inspiration” as the source of their validity, and which commands ( word of god, here, people!!) you to stone an adulterous child to death in a public place?

    really? that bible? wow. jesus christ. OOPS. sorry

    i will now surf away from this blog inundated by malicious, religious stupidity.

    see you here in the future, when you get here. or maybe not.

    more friends than you

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