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There is has been MUCH talk over the last few months and weeks about whether or not Google is launching its own Instant Messaging client. Recently, many folk have theorized that Google would adopt the Jabber IM protocol as the standard. I didn’t care very much either way, but still am guessing that their IM will eventually include conversational contextual advertising, as in, ads on the said that have something to do with whatever you are typing. It makes too much sense and the technology is already in place. Well, I guess time will tell what will happen with the ads, but the rest of the questions have already been answered. Google Talk went live tonight.

Of course, it will be in Beta form for quite a while, or maybe indefinitely, but there is a Windows client application that uses Jabber protocol, but users on other platforms can use almost any Jabber supporting client, like Adium, Trillion, iChat, GAIM, etc. The Google client supports typical text IM, plus emailing directly (a feature I;ve been asking for in IM FOREVER), and voice (like iChat AV). Very nice start, but…


I have no idea where all this is going. I am always excited to see how Google will shake shit up, and at least my prediction is that they will add more premium features in exchange for contextual ads. We’ll see.

Here’s a review from the downloadsquad.

[via slashdot.]

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  1. Daywalker said something

    AH yes…it begins! Haha, this is great. I hope it turns out to be nice. Thanks for the good news!

  2. Daywalker said something

    Wow…I got the program, installed it and started talking to a buddy of mine who lives about 13 hours from me. You log in using your Gmail account. We tested out the voip option and it works effortlessly. Crystal clear even with dl’s going on both ends. This is a freakin’ beta and it’s working better than any chat program I’ve ever used. There’s no file transfer yet, but I’m sure that will come soon enough. I don’t want to count my eggs, but I think Google’s got another winner.

  3. courtney said something

    not intersted in IM anymore, next..

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