back in dubai

I haven’t written in weeks. Sorry about that. I was in NYC living like a rock star for 2 weeks, literally. Christmas and New Years were great. Thanks to everyone that made them that way. Specifically Christmas Day was incredible – 15 people over for dinner at my parents house where Chef Alex (of Giorgione) and I cooked a massive meal including my special lasagna, and a rack of veal that nearly killed us all. 15 bottles of wine later, I have no idea how it ended. Great night.

I did manage to lose, yes lose, ALL, yes all, of my camera equipment worth about $4000. I got drunk and left it all in a taxi a few nights before New Years Eve. Not good. That night I posted it here in such detail that I quickly deleted the post in the morning for fear that some stranger could identify everything at the NYC lost and found. I called for many days in a row hoping in the kindness of strangers, but to avail. All gone: Canon Rebel XT, 17-70mm, 70-200mm, 10-20mm, plus countless other accessories. Later in the week, a longshot call to my insurance company (Travelers renters insurance, somehow obtained through Geico) paid off when they told me they considered unreturned items “theft” and the loss was covered in my insurance minus a $500 deductible and some depreciation value.

So I re-bought/upgraded everything, and am now the proud owner of a Canon 30D, plus all the old accessories. I’m out a few hundred bucks, but my new equipment is fantastic. I have barely used the thing yet, but I am hoping to get out an shoot soon. I have a chance to get behind the scenes during a practice session of Cirque du Soleil, Quidam, here in Dubai the week. I have tickets for the weekend, but a contact through Hind might be able to get us backstage so to speak. More on that later.

For now, I am going to try to sleep, promise to start posting again soon, and wish you all a Happy New Year.

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  1. Trish said something

    I read that post, it was caught by Bloglines. I wondered why you’d taken it down but of course that makes perfect sense. I’m glad all turned out well in the end. I left one of my children in the subway once and experienced a similar feeling of ‘oh no’ but thankfully I got her back.

  2. jason said something

    The Cirque wouldn’t let me take any photos during or just before the show I went to in NY. Hope they’re better about it over there.
    It’s freakin’ hard. Pretty low light, and every thing moves so fast.

  3. Jordan said something

    I bought the Canon 30D in Nov before my trip to South America and I’m loving it. Check out my pics from the Galapagos Islands

  4. Eve said something

    RE: Trish’s comment:

    I keep trying to return my children, but no-one wants to take them back. Something about being “damaged goods.” Whatever! Guess they’re stuck with me!

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