glass and a half full

Cadbury just kicked off a new ad campaign with a huge, soon to be award winning, bang. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Gorilla is a work of advertising genius.

Creative Review blog explains that this is from the ad agency Fallon, but more importantly is written and directed by Juan Cabral, the guy who was the creative director of this genius Sony Bravia Balls ad where they dropped 250,000 multi-colored bouncing balls down a hill in SF. [youtube version here.]

If you don’t get it, well Cadbury goes ahead and explains it for you on the website.

Drumming gorillas, Phil Collins and Glass And A Half Full Productions?
Well it just seemed like the right thing to do. There’s no clever science behind it – it’s just an effort to make you smile, in exactly the same way Cadbury Dairy Milk does. And that’s what we aim to continue to do; simply make you smile. So if a drumming gorilla’s not enough, wait until you see what else we have up our sleeves.

I was having a really shitty until until I saw this. (Mike Scotti, you will spit up whatever you’re drinking when you see this, so please, swallow first, and turn your speakers on.)

Cadbury Milk Chocolate, a glass and a half full of joy.

[via notcot and daring fireball.]

3 Comments to “glass and a half full”

  1. The Idea Thunderdome 2.0 » Cadbury Commercial - Gorrilla Tactics are funny said something

    [...] Via [chrisdiclerico] [...]

  2. Hind said something

    Thanks Chris for making my shitty day a bit more bearable.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next with this ad.

  3. Andrew said something

    Awesome combo! Two of my favorite things… chocolate and primates.

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