waambat’s mashups

Electronic Media studies student and YouTube user Waambat put together two extraordinary video mashups that I just have to share. The first (below) is the Peaches song Fuck the Pain Away, sung by Miss Piggy. She got an A++ for this assignment in school. It is fucking brilliant.

The second (below) is her final project for the class, Three Six Mafia’s Smokin’ on the Dro, in Alice in Wonderland. Fucking amazing. Please keep making these.

This is exactly why record and movie companies can’t have a stranglehold on the copyrights of music and movies. THIS is fair use and we must allow it. Fuck the RIAA and MPAA.

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  1. robin said something

    OK, so both of these songs are just wrong. But both mash-ups: brilliant. Free speech wins again.

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