4 chords of awesome

I am the least musically inclined person you’ve ever met, but even I can understand this insanity. Mostly unknown in the US, Australian music comedy act Axis of Awesome is about to be very, very big because of this. Watch 4 Chord Song right now. I am utterly blown away.

[via laughingsquid.]

3 Comments to “4 chords of awesome”

  1. Scott said something

    I was all ready to say “That was good the first time I saw it 3 years ago! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s13sASS5F4 ” but then I noticed that that is the same “Benny” in Axis. *laughs*

  2. Tyler said something

    Pretty cool, but I still like this on better. Rob Paravonian with his Pachabel rant. Same idea.


  3. Robin said something

    Very off topic but, ignoring the ten+ years of age difference, could Lee Dewyze and Chris Diclerico have been separated at birth??

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